Two weeks of blood and fire at 8 Ball Pool League

PictureForte huffs and puffs, but wins have been hard to come by for him

The PH City 8 Ball Pool League enters its 3rd week on Monday, February 18, 2019 and it promises to be an interesting week ahead.
But there were games on Sunday. Sammy lost 2-1 to Davidaloca, leaving the victor to cry out that he had returned (One wonders where he went).
Maybe, Davidaloca had really come back because against Forte, it was a 5-1 spanking.
Sammy against MarkTee was 3-0 in favour of Sammy. Sammy really wasted no time on that one.
Sammy again saw a prey in Baka and played the role of the surgeon. He dismembered Baka, limb from limb. 5-1 that one ended.
Sammy probably came out to play on Sunday, really angry about something, judging from the way he dispatched his opponents.
Against Forte, Sammy left no breathing space as it ended 6-0. Forte shouldn’t have come out on the day. It was a bad one for him.
But maybe there was just one chance to redeem himself and he did. In the first leg of his game against Savimbi, Forte won 2-1. It is left to see what the 2nd leg would bring.
Savimbi wasn’t about to lose to Chief Marsh in record breaking time so he upped his game and won 2-1 against the Chief.
Finally, on Sunday, it was Zen master vs MarkTee, a game that went 2-1 in favour of the Zen Master.
Two weeks of blood and fire
After two weeks, the Table shows Chief Marsh in the lead with a total of 53 Points
Steve in 2nd position with 43 points and Pen Dragon in third position with 40 points.

The top contenders for the league are;
Pen Dragon with a winning rate of 89%
Stevo Daminky – 83%
Steve – 80%
Chief Marsh – 70%
Will they maintain these winning streaks? Time will tell.
Chief Marsh has played over 25% of his games while Stevo Daminky is taking his time.
Highlights of week 2 include;
The Pen Dragon taking no prisoners and increasing the number of players he has ‘given 7 balls to 4’

Chief Marsh is on rapid fire taking on all comers and breaking his own record of fastest game again and again and again.
Cool Steve is calmly gathering up points while the Cold blooded Assassin, Stevo Daminky is plucking his opponents one by one.

The Zen Master has found his Chi while Forté has gotten his Mojo back.

Savimbi the warlord is savagely taking territories while Israel appears to be in the wilderness. And the thing about Savimbi is that he plays too much yet wins his games… strategy? It certainly is working.

Baresi has taken the back seat while preparing for a comeback.

Debutant Mickey D’ Pikey, the Lion from the University of Port Harcourt Staff Club Pool League is fast settling in and debutant Mekusa has gone back to the drawing board.
Week 3 promises to be fun with more records broken and many hot challenges.

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