Beer Parlour Talk: It is the hope that will kill Liverpool fans


By China Acheru
If you ask many Liverpool fans, I’m sure they did not think that at the start of Match Day 4, they would have just two points.
There is a popular video out there, targeted at Manchester United fans, telling them to lose hope because it is the hope that kills. It also addresses Arsenal fans as those that have no hope and how they are having a gorgeous time.
Maybe, for this season, a new video should be made for Liverpool FC fans as it is the hope that may kill them.
It will be a long season for Liverpool fans this time around and the hope will kill them. They have a decent team, but like two seasons ago, injuries have decimated more than half of their starting XI, and it is still just 3 games played. Last time I checked, the injury list had Joel Matip, Konate, Thiago, Keita, Oxlade Chamberlain, Diogo Jota,  Curtis Jones, Keheller, Calvin Ramsay and then there is Darwin Nunez still on suspension.

If you’re a fan of Liverpool FC, take my advise. Change your target for the season. If you previously thought your team could win the EPL this season, modify it to a Top 4 challenge. That way you will have peace of mind and enjoy the games of the season. Unless something disastrous happens to Manchester City, there is no way Liverpool will win the EPL title.
Did someone, ask why I did not mention Arsenal? Please, let us be serious here.
But when do we start taking Arsenal seriously?
Arsenal are in their best start to a season since 2004/ 2005 and that makes it nineteen years. Whether this form is enough to win the league or not, the fans are happy and they are hopeful. You also cannot stop a man from having hope.
Arsenal will win many more games and the fans will become even more hopeful, annoying the rival fans who will be wishing that they lose, but they will not lose.
Arsenal’s next game is at home to Fulham on Saturday and I expect them to win it. In midweek, they host Aston Villa to round up the month of August. Their first big test will be at Old Trafford on September 4, while they will be at home to Everton on September 11, then away to Brentford on September 18. So, you can see that the draws have been kind to Arsenal, and they actually have a good team this year, so unless Arsenal happens to Arsenal in March/ April, watch out for Arsenal doing big things this season.
But, at what point do we take Arsenal seriously? After they play Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea? Or do we just wait until March/ April? Their fans do not care, though. They are happy, and right now, Arsenal can do no wrong.
Who did this to Barca and Inter Milan?
If you had watched the UEFA Champions League draws, you’d have seen that some people were shitting in their pants as their names were being called out of the pots.
Dear Jesus! Barcelona, Inter Milan and Bayern Munich in the same group?
If you know how football results have manifested over the years, you’ll know that the Bayern people were not the ones shitting in their pants. Already, fans of Barca and Inter know that one of them will be playing in the Europa League later this season. It will be worse if any of them fails to beat Plzen, the 4th team in the group. Those ones have no hope. They are just there to pick low hanging fruit. Any team that takes their eyes off the ball, Plzen will strike, E don be for that team o.
And then that team will be facing the crisis of dropping into the Europe Cup. This is the group I will be watching.
Barca are trying to rebuild after a few bad years; Inter Milan are also trying to return to the zenith of European football, na him dem do dem this kind thing? {And they did this terrible thing to them?}
Just Pray for Barcelona and Inter Milan. Right now, Bayern do not need your prayers.
Is anyone watching Newcastle United?
I see a few people were surprised at the way Newcastle United played against Manchester City last week. Newcastle should have won that game, but you know Pep does not give up easily.
Eddie Howe has actually done loads of work on the team and I see them fighting for a Top 6 placing in the league. Whether, they eventually get it, one cannot say, but they will fight, and play good football, while at it.
Credit to them, despite the huge war chest at their disposal, they have not spent senselessly. It seems they want their growth to be organic and that will be good for them in the long run. They have also shown that they are not afraid to take on any top 4 side in the league. My eyes are on Newcastle United. I do not know about yours.
Who gets the weekend banters?
For the early game, I do not fancy Manchester United getting a result at Southampton. Forget the fact that they won against a hapless Liverpool side last Monday, Southampton will not be easy. Arsenal are playing in a London derby and though everything is stacked in their favour, a derby is a derby so they must be mindful and not slip. My eyes will also be on Roma to get a result at Juventus. There will be banter this weekend. It is a given.
What the bookies say
Are you a betting man? Okay, these are some conservative bets you can play this weekend.
Southampton v Manchester United 1.5
Brentford v Everton 1.5
Chelsea v Leicester 1.5
Liverpool v Bournemouth 2.5 or Liverpool win
Manchester City to beat Palace
Arsenal v Fulham 1.5
Barcelona to win against Valladolid
Verona v Atalanta 1.5
Fiorentina v Napoli 1.5
PSG v Monaco 2.5
Good luck

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