PH City 8- Ball Pool League: Baresi returns with fire and fury

PictureMan on fire: Baresi pots one

If you had written off Baresi because of his first few games then you would have to think again as it gets more exciting at the PH City 8- Ball Pool League. The interest from the players is growing and the games are getting more and more competitive.
But it is not just Baresi who has been spitting fire in recent match days, because Steve and Sammy have acted the wannabe dragons while Razor certainly needs to sharpen his blades.
Baresi was up against Soblo and won 1-0 as they both agreed on a recess.
But it was the case of one knowing early in the morning that the gods had decided to dine with him. Baresi would not let the opportunity pass him by so he and Sammy accepted their challenge and faced each other on the table.
Just let this sink in that Sammy had left a trail of blood on the table over the weekend, wiping the mess with MarkTee (3-0), Baka (5-1), and Forte (6-0)
Sammy also took out Mickey The Pickey (4-2), Davidaloca (3-0) and Nengimo69 (3-0) so a game between Sammy and Baresi would have meant a bloodbath was imminent so the mob waited, expectant.
Was there a bloodbath?
Well, the game ended 2-1… wait for it… Baresi won that… Did I mention a person waking up with the knowledge that the gods would dine with you? Yup! Baresi was not done yet.
He accepted a challenge from Razor and it ended 3-3, then it was he against MarkTee and Baresi won 5-1.
Forte is neither here nor there
Maybe Forte is on to something. His inconsistency is seeming like his game plan. Man, maybe knows he will not win the league but he maybe prefers a midtable finish. What’s with losing scandalously one day and then brutalizing his opponents the next? That has been Forte’s story since the start of the League.
On Monday, Forte whacked Soblo 5-1, then the other result was a 4-2 loss against DDK.
Baka was at the receiving end once again, this time a 6-0 bashing in the hands of Steve.
Other results on the night were Zen Master 1-5 Sammy, Razor 2-1 Davidaloca and Chief Marsh 3-0 DDK.
The highlights of the night were certainly Baresi’s come back and sweating out a record for the first “Break and Win” of the League and er… Baka joining the “6 Pointers” club.
The games hold at The Engine Room, V10, 26 King Perekule Street, GRA, Phase II, Port Harcourt.

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