Oh No! ​The woman’s nyansh has lost its value


I got the inspiration to write this after I saw certain things on social media three Fridays ago and again from a comment made by a colleague of mine and I thought I should write.
On our WhatsApp group, Oma Akatugba wrote, “Woman Nyansh no get value again. When we small na privilege to see am.”
This simply means that the woman’s buttocks has lost its value because back in the day we could hardly see it, even though we tried, but these days, it was all over our faces, even if we didn’t want to see it.
I asked Oma Akatugba to explain and even though I knew one hundred percent why he made that statement; it was also good to read from him too.
Oma told ChinaAcheru.com that as a young man growing up, there were certain things, certain sights that did not come easy.
In those days, women took pride in dressing and covering their bodies.
“If a young man sees a completely nude woman, maybe mistakenly sees her taking her bath, it was a taboo. Even on dates one can hardly do much on the first and second dates.
“Maybe the first date is just for dating in the real sense of the word, the second date and you could get a kiss, depending on you, then maybe, the third date she pays you a visit or you pay her a visit, but to see her essentials parts take time,” Oma Akatugba.
“But these days, people just expose their bodies on social media, maybe for validation, I do not know. They even expose their private parts out there.
“These days, if you want to see naked women, just go on social media and you go see tire (you will see a lot),” he said.
What Oma said is very true because these days, nudity has been thrown in our faces. We do not even have to request for it, because it is just there.
There are social media groups you can join if you want to see stuff that one could not imagine twenty years ago. You want to book sex online? Then join this group, you want to just see good old nudity, then join this other one. The truth is that a lot of these groups were closed groups and they did not just throw their stuff out there in people’s faces until, maybe the lock down.
What IG Live did to us

Because of the lock down, a lot of us have been idle at home and have turned to social media for entertainment and that is where this all happened.
The footballers have been on Instagram Live either chatting with journalists, fans or just each other, while the entertainers are doing same.
So, a certain MC Galaxy (I do not even know where he is based, neither do I know his real name) started an Instagram Live sessionwhere he would call ladies and ask them to perform a dance session for a few minutes. He had sponsors for this show and other viewers would eventually vote for the best dancers and the overall winner gets a cash prize which turned out to be one hundred and fifty thousand naira (about $400).
I was going in and out of that session because I really had other things to do but there were dance sessions by ladies from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and even the USA, but this is not even the gist.
Shake what your momma gave you
All of a sudden, the women on the session believed that the best dancer may just be the one that had no clothes on, rather than the one that wriggles her waist more, or something that relates to actually dancing.
And so, my eyeballs almost fell off its socket when right in front of me, and to a worldwide, audience, a lady dancing on this Instagram Live took off her top, her bra (letting out her bouncers) and then took off her pants, showing us things we were not supposed to see.
This was being beamed live to a world audience so I could not understand it any more. It then became a competition on who had the most reprobate mind of the lot as the ladies dancing started trying to undo each other in lascivious behavior until the shit hit the proverbial fan.
Sex on stage
Suddenly, a girl called in and she was based in Port Harcourt, from her intro and she did not waste to strip to her bare skin and then she got out a dildo.
This was not dance… It was a sex show, an online sex show. It was video meant to… meant to do what exactly?
At this point I had no idea what was going on but I watched on… I had to. I was compelled to keep watching this live show.
This light skinned lady from Port Harcourt starting using the dildo on herself while MC Galaxy screamed in ecstasy.
I watched awe-struck as she penetrated herself with the dildo, so engrossed in her sexual act that it did not take long for her to hit climax as she pushed the dildo in and out of her vagina.
Then we saw the milky liquid mess up the screen as she ended her performance for the day. I kid you not, this happened in an Instagram Live Session in Nigeria and by a girl who lives in Port Harcourt.

What did I just watch on live television? This was supposed to be a Friday night dance competition, but what did I just see?
Other dancers came up but based on the comments on the screen, viewers were no longer interested as they had seen enough and already knew who was their winner.
Up to nine contestants came up and a shortlist of three was made and they came up again on the screen to dance and you bet, this Port Harcourt girl did the exact same thing with the dildo and the climax. All this, in place of a dance. Guess what… She won and took home a prize of one hundred and fifty thousand naira.
Social Media has exposed us
With the kinds of things I saw on Instagram Live that day and I believe I am scarred for life. Well, it is 2020 and some people will attribute this to the second coming of Christ, but not me. Christ will come when he will come, but this has always been with us.
There is nothing on Social Media today that we have not necessarily done in our closet before. It is just that we now how a means of putting it out there for the world.
As far back as the Roman days, naked women would come out and entertain the emperor, didn’t they? As far back as fifty years ago in Nigeria, rich men would have ladies come to their hotel rooms and dance naked for them for entertainment, while the 90s and noughties saw the proliferation of strip clubs in Nigeria. What Instagram has done is pushing the market of these ladies to the International Community.
Truth be told that the woman’s nyansh has lost its value, especially to the old school like me, and it will get worse.
There is no going back from this point. We have completely lost it.

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