PH City 8- Ball Pool League: Between the dragon and the Lion


Who is the king of the jungle? The lion, they say, but what about the dragon? Does he live in the jungle or is he a mythical tale from an old children story book?
Pen Dragon has begun to think himself infallible. He believes he has won the League already even though it is yet to get to the half way stage and most of all he believes all must bow to him… That was Pen Dragon on Match Day 11 at the PH City 8- Ball.
However, the champion from the University of Port Harcourt, Mikey the Pickey made a grand entrance on Saturday and was full of praises for himself, something that did not go down well with the Dragon who engaged him in a war of words. The banter was great, but who is the king of the Jungle? Certainly not the Dragon… He doesn’t live in the jungle but in the imagination of fairy tale writers.
Nengimo69 not taking chances
If the stony look on your face could win you games, then Nengimo69 would have been break away leader by now. However, the stone cold appearance turns out to be the exact opposite of his play. He tries to focus but somehow, something happens in-game that throws his victory to the opponent.
Against Forte, himself one of those not having a top notch performance, Nengimo69 ended it 3-3.
The return of Baka
Baka started so well, wowing the analysts with his unconventional style but after the first two match days, he could hardly put his cue stick right. Four match days ago he was a victim of Pen Dragon’s 7 ball win and it seemed Baka had lost his way, but on Saturday, he won 5-1 against Israel and he made sure every won heard about the result. Yes, Baka won 5-1, roll the drum sticks and let the trumpet sound (not that trumpet, though).
Not much of a champion
Mickey Di Pickey came in with the reputation of being the Champion of the University of Port Harcourt, but it was apparent one of two things was happening.
Either he deliberately chose not to poke his best hand or the University do not have players to reckon with.
Sammy took out Mickey 4-2. Wow! Not much of a performance from a champion.
But maybe, Mickey heard us talking behind his back and went out, all guns blazing on Forte. It was 3-0 at the end of the first leg.
Not good days for Forte
Forte is really having a hard time getting his acts together as he was whacked 5-1 by Steve.
More Dragonfire
Pen Dragon believes so much in himself that he threatened everyone who as much as walked past a cue stick that he was going to spit Dragon Fire on them.
He boasted openly about his 7 ball wins and declared on the floor that he would sacrifice one player per day with a 7 ball win. Pen Dragon was loudmouthed, saucy and maybe a tad annoying, but isn’t that natural with talent? He was walking the talk and not making threats so all the opponents just cowered in fear, or at least kept straight faces like they did not care, but didn’t they?
Against Nengimo69 it was 3-0 though it seemed like Nengimo69 got a raw deal. He should have won the first game when he had just the Black ball to pot with the Dragon having four balls left on the table but somehow managed to lose. Then it seemed like Pen Dragon escaped with a foul and went on the win one of the games drawing the ire of Mickey the Pickey (who else?).
Finally, Pen Dragon came head to head with Mickey the Pickey (who writes these scripts). Before the game, the Dragon had angrily bellowed to anyone who cared to listen that it was an insult to him for Mickey to claim he is a champion.
“He says he is champion of the University of Port Harcourt, what an insult,” Pen Dragon told
“I am the champion of Port Harcourt and the University of Port Harcourt is in Port Harcourt so what rubbish is that?” Pen Dragon was on fire.
How did it end? It was a quick 3-0 to Pen Dragon. The champion of Port Harcourt crushed the champion of the University of Port Harcourt. But it was just the first leg. They still have the Small Balls to play.
Who on earth is Sammy?
Sammy had earlier taken out the champion of the University of Port Harcourt (Pen Dragon won’t like this) 4-2.
Sammy came up against Davidaloca and crushed him 3-0; again against MarkTee, Sammy won 2-1 and yet was on hand again to beat Nengimo69 who was obviously having a bad day. It was 3-0 against Nengimo69.
Not so sharp Razor or is Savimbi underrated?
Razor lost 4-2 to Savimbi and it opened the question on if he had lost his sharpness or maybe Savimbi is being underrated.
Savimbi jokes a lot on the table and maybe acts like he is not so sure of himself but has had some decent wins since the League began.
Chief Marsh beat Israel 3-1 and that game should continue and round up soon. Marsh is notorious for always being in a hurry and ending games in record time. It is left to see if he can still lower the record for the fastest game.
The PH City 8- Ball Pool League continues at the Engine Room, V 10, 26 King Perekule Street, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt.

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