Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: What goes around

By Victor Kwame Sampong

When I received Jane’s ride from Okilton Junction, I knew this would be lucrative. She was at St. John’s Bus Stop, Rumuolumeni.

This was quite a pick-up distance, but I didn’t mind. As rain fall finish, there was crazy surge everywhere; and in her case, 1.9 was the surge strength, hence the high price from her point to Destiny Drive = N8, 200 as displayed on my device.

I rushed down to pick her up. She wasn’t the one who booked it herself. She explained that her phone was down, so a stranger came through for her. I didn’t care at the time. I had money on my mind.

As we approached the Ada George flyover, she pleaded with me to take her to any Kilimanjaro outlet because she was very hungry. I didn’t mind either. So, I took the right turn onto Ada George Road and went to the one at Agip Junction. After about 20 minutes, she came out with a box of pizza wey only she dey chop inside car. Courtesy no even make her extend some to my side sef… mstcheeew.

Na so I face front dey go my way Oo, till I got to her destination. She tried to make a transfer from her UBA account, but it didn’t go through, (according to her). So she forwarded my account details to her boyfriend whom she came to see. He didn’t come down. After about 5 minutes, she showed me a screenshot on her Whatsapp bearing my account details and the sum of N8,900 as delivered.

I checked and checked, I found no trace of the funds. The rain was still drizzling. So I thought it could be the weather. I took her number and let her leave…a decision I came to regret in the days that followed.

Anyway, I was still in doubt about the network issues. So, when I got to Market Square on Odili Road, I did a transfer from my GTB to my VFD account (the same one I gave her) and within seconds, I got it. At that point, I know sey I don jones.

I came back online with the app and got a short ride that came out N2,600. The client did a transfer and before he reached for the door handle, I got the alert. Na there I dey call Jane again, but this time, she was rude and asked me not to disturb her because she has already paid. I wan mad at that point. Choi!

I tried to concentrate for the rest of the evening until I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I went home, feeling like a JJC.

The next two days, i tried unsuccessfully to reach her, but no way. When I used a different number to call her on the 3rd day, she told me not to bother her again.

Within those three days, I tried the number linked to the account that booked the ride on her behalf, which too was a dead end.

I reported to Bolt, but they kept asking silly questions.

A new strategy was required.

So, I informed my e-hailing drivers’ community via WhatsApp, dropped her number and that was it.

Everyone who read it was either pissed with me for acting like a novice (letting her leave without confirmation of payment) or angry at Jane for taking advantage of my kindness. However, what both sets had in common was to help me retrieve my money in whatever capacity possible. An injury to one is an injury to all.

Some drivers don dey plan wetin dem go do this girl when dem go catch am.

Others were sending her messages or calling her. With loads of phone calls and both text and WhatsApp messages going to her phone every other minute, she was going to succumb.

Within two days, she caved! She couldn’t handle it anymore.

So, she reached out to me via WhatsApp and begged me to ask my people to stop because she was already scared.

I told her it was out of my hands as it is because all of them were baying for blood.

E no reach better 5 minutes when I received an alert of N8,200 from her, with an apology. I told her it was fine, that her sins were forgiven. She should go and sin no more.

Let me shock you guys.

About 4-5 days later, one of the drivers dropped a message on the group, asking me if Jane had paid me because she just booked him and he was heading to her pickup point. I laughed so hard. Other drivers chipped in on the conversation, with many stating how lucky she is, because it would have turned out differently.

I told him she had cleared her debt and therefore, off the hook. Jane would have been in very serious trouble like sey she hadn’t done the needful.

I told her back then that Port Harcourt might be big, but it could be a very small place. As long as she uses our services regularly, she won’t be too hard to find. It might take time, but eventually, e go still sup.

Time for ball don reach…I dey come!

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