Uneven cue sticks, a fallen Zen and the Star Boy highlight Day 3 of PH City 8- Ball Pool League

PictureNengimo69 fought back hard to draw 2-2 against Baka

After a bright start on Day 2 of the PH City 8- Ball Pool League, the Zen Master was “left gazing at the Stars” after Star Boy totally messed up his Zen.
One would have thought the Zen Master had all it would take to go all the way in the League after the way he dispatched The General 4-2 on Game Day 2, but Game Day 3 took a different turn for him as Star boy was not at the Engine Room to fool around.
Six zero he thrashed the Zen Master who found solace in a drink or two afterwards.

Razor on his part dropped Forte like a pack of cards, cutting through him like hot knife through butter.
It didn’t take long but the score was six zero.
Forte blamed the Cue sticks as one reason for his loss as well as his inactivity from a game in a while.
“I have not played this game in a long time so I am still trying to build my form. I also do not have a personal cue stick and those made available did not do justice.
“Not that they were bad but I was not used to them,” Forte told ChinaAcheru.com.

Forte added that he decided to play in the League, not necessarily because he wanted to win, but as an opportunity to meet with old friends and also get back into the game.
“I hope to win some games that will take me to the top, but if I don’t, it is still good because I am having fun and getting to meet friends.”
Baka was at it again, destroying Nengimo69 in 2 straight games with the big balls and made a hasty retreat after Nengimo69 took the final game of big balls and the first game with small balls, leaving their score line at 2:2……to be continued……
Tammyjiggy tactfully ‘disappeared’ from the scene when cues began dissecting the felt with pin point accuracy.
The weekend promises to be fun filled and thrilling with major comebacks and new entrants.

Friday’s results
StevoDaminky 5-1 TammyJiggy
Star Boy 6-0 Zen Master
Razor 6-0 Forte
Baka 2-2 Nengimo
Baka 2-1 TammyJiggy
Saturday’s Games

1. Pen Dragon Vs Sammy
Time: 4pm
2. Razor Vs Steve
Time: 6pm
3. Star Boy Vs Igo
4. Zsi Hughez Vs Pen Dragon
Time: 7pm
There’s still room for more games……

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