PH City 8 Ball Pool League

PictureAmino trying to get a win that has been far from him

Pen Dragon seems jaded but he has been able to somehow picks his wins at the ongoing PH City 8- Ball Pool League.
A few days ago, it was IgoBoss who took out the dragon in two straight games but managed to lose the match 4-2.
On Wednesday, Nengimo69 managed to take one game but eventually lost 2-1 to Pen Dragon.
Nengimo69 recovered to beat Sammy 2-1. It seemed Sammy was having a bad day on the night.
Tammy Jiggy was up against new boy, Amino and it was the newbie winning 4-2. It seems that was Amino’s first win of the League after losing his first two matches 3-0, 3-0.
Amino, probably thinking he was in luck, accepted the challenge from Sammy.
Believing his luck would hold on, but Sammy had other plans.
Sammy beat him silly. At the end of the match it was Sammy 5-1 Aminu.
In Thursday night’s games, Nengimo69 lost to Davidaloca 4-2 and Forte ended his encounter with Amino 3-3.
Baka came up against Savimbi who won 2-1and then Razor won one and lost one.
Against Nengimo69, Razor won 2-1 and against Davidaloca he lost 2-1.

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