Japanese Celebrate World Penis Day

.I think it is safe to say, when you are well fed, you can begin to celebrate all forms of events.

I saw these pictures via social media a couple of weeks back and began to wonder who celebrates things like these? Who?

Imagine if these Japanese were Nigerians who basically lack electricity, water, good road and food to eat… Would they have time for this? 

Imagine if the Japanese had to contend with herds men who kill on the streets, an ailing economy, inability to pay school fees and of course, uniformed men with different Identification cards jumping into their cars in traffic and claiming one offense or the other, would they have time for this?

But they are the Japanese and they can celebrate World Penis Day.

They have constant electricity, good roads, intelligent leaders and jobs with take home pay that can actually take them home, so why not celebrate the World Penis Day??

One would ask, what is the essence of this celebration? But how is that your business when you are not Japanese?

But the Japanese are happy, aren’t they?

All hail the Japanese as they celebrate World Penis Day

Maybe, some day in Nigeria we will celebrate something…


It seems like the ladies are worshiping that thing they are carrying.


Lollipops, or do we call them Penis pops?

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