Daily musing: Arsenal fans need to pray as football returns in England


Football returned in Europe three weeks ago with the German Bundesliga, but nothing counts as much as what happens in England so I guess we were all excited when “Project Restart” came to fruition on Wednesday.

Aston Villa first hosted Sheffield United and save for that goal scored just before half time that did not count because they probably failed to turn back on the Goal Line Technology machine, it went without any incidents and few talking points.

But the big one was no doubt the later game at the Ettihad where Manchester City hosted Arsenal.

I really do not know what people, especially Arsenal fans expected from this but it was always going to be a whupping for them, in fact my pre-game prediction was 4-0 to City and Arsenal as usual did not come to the party.

But the joke of Arsenal is their defender, David Luiz who Chelsea was just too willing to give out to them. I do not know if Arsenal thought they got a bargain for their deadline day signing of the bloke, but he has proved more often than not that he is a calamity.

For a substitute to cause that much damage to a team that stood no chance any way tells a lot about the quality of the Arsenal team, yet their fans trudge on.

I am taking glances at the League table as I type on and Arsenal is no Manchester United. If they do not make it the Champions League this season or at least the Europa League, they will be finished as a top club for the next five seasons.

Come on! Are we even talking about the Champions League? Arsenal will never get there this season, so maybe, the Europa Cup? Look at the clubs ahead of them.

What was any one expecting from Arsenal? That they would beat Manchester City? That they would go on to finish in top 6 or top 4? What exactly did any one expect?

Arsenal is the gift that keeps giving. As long as Sun rises from the east and sets at the west, Arsenal will not win the EPL any time soon or even qualify to play in Europe.

In the face of the COVID 19 pandemic, watching Arsenal play is comic relief. They are a gift to humanity.

Let the banter season continue. As long as Arsenal FC has clowns in its defence, clowns in other parts of their team and clowns in the board, they will struggle to crack top 10 this season which will be a crying shame.

​Are you an Arsenal fan? Let us pray now…

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