Why Queen Precious is staying away from men to fulfill a dream


When Precious Chioma Nwosu went in for the Nigeria Next Beauty Queen, she probably did not know she would eventually end up one of the winners, though it had always been her dream.
It was a struggle, as unlike most of the other girls, she had no sponsors to help with the voting but at the end of it all, she won the award for the Nigeria Next Beauty Queen Tourism.
Chioma Nwosu spoke with ChinaAcheru.com as she revealed the highs and lows of her journey to stardom, plus the fact that her parents still do not know she won a beauty pageant. Did we also mention that she is staying off men for the time being?
Why a pageant?
I have passion of it. It is something I have always wanted to do, but time and my parents not being in full support of it slowed me down. But now I am of age and can do what I want. I also want to help people achieve their dreams. Since this platform has given me a voice, I also want to help give people a voice
Has being a Queen changed anything in your life?
I have been in this office for about three months and I know so many things have changed. Before I couldn’t even present some projects to prospecting clients and partners, but now I can. I have learned a lot and am much bolder and outspoken now. I have been able to meet people, corporate organisations and event managers as I plan my own big project for my reign as queen.
Big Big project
I have a big project I am working on. “The future holds more: Queen of Hearts project” is what I am planning and this is because I have had it in mind for so long until this platform gave me a chance to do it and I hope it is going to be a huge success and so many people will learn and benefit from it.
It is all about young girls who get pregnant outside wedlock. This happens because our parents shy away from giving us the right sexuality education. When it happens, then society casts them away.
It is not like I am encouraging premarital sex or pregnancy out of wedlock, but I am here to show them there is a way out after that mistake and that there must be a solution to it. When it happens, what is the next thing to do. That is what this project is all about.
They need to now the future holds more for them
It is not really a national event because I am based in Akwa Ibom right now. So, I believe it will be mainly for people in his state and maybe the neighbouring state
So, do your parents know now?
I am 21 years old now and my parents still do not know I went for the pageant and won.
But if they know I do not think there will be any reaction from them. They will just be surprised that I actually went to do what I had been dreaming of. I believe they will be happy with me and will see many changes in my life.
Staying off the men folk
I am not married and have no boyfriend, but men are all over me.
It is a normal thing because once you are a beauty queen as there will be approaches and attention towards you. I have gotten lots of approaches. People give me their numbers and want to invite me to go out with them but I am really not interested.
It is not that I am not interested in a relationship, it is just that most of them feel insecure in a relationship. And they feel I won’t have time for them.  The last time I ventured into a relationship there were too many problems so I decided to stay away and build myself
I still want to be on my own and focus on my future so no men for me now
What is the Future?
I see myself up there, like really, really up there. I have a lot I want to do so in the next four years, people will really hear about me
The thing about pageants, is that once you win, you make use of your time well in the one year you are Queen then move to a bigger pageant. So, after my one year I will be looking at entering a bigger one
The difficulties and pains
Well, pageantry is not easy as you will be tensed and frustrated. So many things go on, but one thing the brand is looking for is determined people. They know those that have the passion and can bring smile to the brand. That is what they are looking for.
I really wanted this because it is what I had dreamt of and I am really happy I won it.
I almost gave up during the voting. A lot of the girls had sponsors who were able to push them. I didn’t have that luxury. We needed at least five thousand votes to win so it was really, really frustrating.
It was also during my exam period too, so I thank God for what happened.
Advise to younger generation
I will tell them to always know what they want because if you do not know what you want you will be completely lost. Go for what you want. Be prayerful and never let your past situation stop your light from shining.
If you know what you want just go for it and always put God first.
Chioma Nwosu may just be Nigeria Next Beauty Queen Tourism, but she has her eyes out for the bigger pie. What? Miss Nigeria? Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria? The clock is ticking.

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