War breaks out at PH City 8- Ball Pool League

PictureRazor wins this won but drew 3-3 overall against The King

It was a war of words on Tuesday at The Engine Room, V10, venue of the PH City 8- Ball Pool League as Pen Dragon and Razor got into a war of words. Well, Razor didn’t say much.
Pen Dragon claimed he was insulted by Razor who brandished the fact that he was champion of the Medical College, University of Lagos in 1997, a statement that drew the ire of the dragon.
Pen Dragon had just decimated Mekusa 3-0 and was blowing smoke (not fire) all over the table when someone (Maybe, the Zen Master) pointed out to him that there was a 1997 champion in the building… Mayhem.
“Razor is a small player. Don’t worry. His time is coming. They said he was a champion in 1997. Can you imagine? We are talking about recent times. I became champion in 2006,” Pen Dragon told ChinaAcheru.com.
“If Razor is not respecting me, the table will make him respect me. I’m sure he is listening to me. When I play him, I will give him 7 balls,” Dragon boasted.
Of Pen Dragon’s 3-0 win over Mekusa, two of the games ended with 7 balls.
Razor did not react to Pen Dragon’s utterances at the floor, but took his time to play against The King. It ended 3-3.
Later on, Razor announced a date for his game against Pen Dragon, fixing March 27, 2019. He promised to win 4-2 overall.
The Zen Master, acting as spokesperson for Razor, told ChinaAcheru.com that he would put his money on Razor.
“It is the old school versus the new school. Pen Dragon is coming up. I hear he was champion in 2006. I put my money on Razor. Pen Dragon is almost hundred percent accurate on his shots, but Razor plays like his name. He slices,” Zen Master said.
Baresi continued in his newly found form, thrashing D Archer 5-1, but in his next game, Baresi lost 2-1 to Tammy Jiggy

Tammy Jiggy is back?
It was not just about beating Baresi on the night because Tammy Jiggy had some other remarkable results.
Against D Archer, Jiggy won 4-2; then against Igo, Jiggy won 2-1. He was on point again against Mekusa, winning 3-0 on the same night.
Chief Marsh returned to the table, with only one game lined up for him. He took out D Archer 3-0.
The king beat DDK 2-1 and maybe, the shock result of the night was Sammy losing 2-1 to Igo, or should it have been a shocking result?

The PH City 8- Ball Pool League continues at The Engine Room, V 10, 26 King Perekule Street, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt.

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