Tornadoes striker, Agba, may just have scored decisive goal

PictureSamuel and Faith

Niger Tornadoes striker Samuel Agba will quit bachelorhood when he takes his heartthrob Faith Anastasia to the alter on 30th September 2017 in Kaduna.

Agba, who was born and bred in Kaduna believes the time is right for him to settle down and get married so as to fully concentrate on his football career.

I think the time is right for me to settle down and I thank God that he has blessed me with my life partner. She has been a blessing to me,” he revealed.

There comes a time for everything and I believe the time is right for us to tie the knot and make everything official.

When asked how he met his fiancee’, Agba said it was providence that brought them together but she has proven to him that he is lucky to have her beside him.

We met a long time ago, well, not that long but we met just when I first started out as a professional footballer

It started out when I joined Jigawa Golden Stars, it wasn’t that serious then but I’m happy we have decided to get married. Even when times were hard, my good friend Joshua Obaje will always encourage me.

Joshua (Obaje) is more like a mentor to me, he always encourages me to keep going even in my career. When I and my fiancée have minor issues he is always there to help settle the differences.

We’ve been together for this while because she is loving, caring, respectful and above all God fearing. She’s not just a wife-to-be but my sister, my friend, my everything.

Despite all my short-comings, I’m glad we are engaged today and getting set to get married. I also want to thank my spiritual father and mother, Prophet and Prophetess Daniel Zakka for their prayers and advice.

Hopefully, she will continue to be a blessing to me and she will bring joy to my life which will make me a better player by God’s grace,” Agba added.

The 23-year-old has played for Jigawa Golden Stars, Rangers, Wikki Tourists and Niger Tornadoes in a career that has seen him become one of the most sought-after strikers in the Nigeria Professional Football League.

The wedding comes up on 30th September 2017 at the Power Embassy Church, Mando, Kaduna.

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