The Single Most Powerful Advantage Of Being Married And 6 Tips On How To Use It


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Now let’s get this power working in our marriages. Merriam-Webster defines agreement as harmony of opinion, action, or character. The word harmony indicates that your opinions, actions and character don’t have to be exactly the same.
After all, you are two unique individuals. What it means is that your opinions, actions, and character support the mission of your marriage. By choice, these areas of your life come into agreement.
How do you enact this power:
1. When it comes to marriage move away from self-centered thoughts and towards thoughts that strongly support the both of you. It’s the “same team” approach.
2. Enter conversations listening for what you agree with rather than what you don’t. Come off the defensive and open your heart to your mate’s ideas.
3. Recognize you can have differing opinions and still agree on the best way to do something for the family. Lay down “your way” and pick up “our way”.
4. Stand together on what you are agreeing on. Don’t get off of your goal. Use patience with each other and over the situation.
5. Speak out and declare the plans, goals, and purposes you have agreed on in your marriage.
Get excited over the small victories.
6. The power of agreement works in your marriage in every area from raising children to financial planning. There are no limits to what the two of you can accomplish together.
Remember, part of the reason you got married was so that you don’t have to go through life alone. Now you have someone there by your side, get together with that person and watch the power of agreement work in your favor
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