The real story behind April Fool’s day


Since 6am on the morning of 1st April, 2017, it has been obvious that lots of people have made lots of prank calls.

That seems to be the idea behind April Fool’s day.

Make a prank call and fool someone.

Some pranks are as silly and pedestrian as they get while others are really well planned.

However, have all you pranksters bothered to find out the story behind this day? How did these pranks start? Is the day named after someone? Why?

I managed to do some research into the history of this day and my findings will shock you just like it shocked me.

April 1st is named FOOL’S DAY, after Peter April. He was born on 1st April 1479.

At 19, he married a 61-year-old woman who divorced him after a year because of his foolishness.

The funny thing about their marriage was that she announced that she was in need of a man and would marry the first bachelor she came across.

When she knocked on his door, he didn’t know whether to stand there or run. He ended up marrying her because he did neither one.

At school, he always came last in his class but the teachers just passed him because they were tired of his foolishness.

Every day he went to school he would not even remember his name and his teachers had to teach him his name again and again, yet they kept passing him just to get rid of him.

At ten, he was so foolish that he could not even find his way to to toilet to pee and had to be escorted and shown what to do every single time but they thought he would outgrow it.

He used to get lost on his way back from school every day so his parents hired a guide to bring him back home every day and this happened until he was 18 years old.

Could there be a bigger fool in this world?

However, his parents were very rich, and er, foolish too.

He told them he wanted to go into business and entered 300 different ones, but failed at each turn until he had squandered all the money his parents left for him

After he lost all his father’s assets, everyone started calling him father of the fools.

However, in spite of his foolishness he learned how to read.

He used to read all kinds of stories including fake stories like you are doing now.

And if you had kept up with this thing and still reading it, I’m sorry by friend, you are the story of April Fool

Happy April Fool! 

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  1. I almost believed in your story. Then I remembered that it’s already the first of April. This is a very realistic story, but in fact, it’s too realistic. By the end, when it started to get ridiculous, I started to doubt it even more. It’s a funny read though, and I was really entertained all throughout.

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