Senior man of Port Harcourt: No recognition for the senior man?


Yes, we can have that argument some other time but they don’t call me THE SENIORMAN OF PORT-HARCOURT for nothing.

Now imagine the shock when I went to pick up my Match Day accreditation tag and was told “Your name is not here, no tag for you.”

My heart sank. What would the world think of me, a whole SENIORMAN no tag!!! 

When the Super Eagles are in town, any town, it’s always busy! Busy!! busy!!! with everyone trying to get content, interviews, basically work, that was the same for me.

I was in Uyo to cover the Nigeria and South Africa World Cup qualifiers, Journalists are expected to apply for accrediting Radio, TV, Photographers and the like.

Well, I applied for mine on Sunday 2nd June as the process closed on Tuesday 4th June. 

I never had any issue with accreditation for any Sporting event, I like to apply early and come, My name is BALOGUN you can never miss that name or so I thought. 

The SWAN Selected novelty game was lit

I got to the stadium on Thursday 6th June after a beautiful game I saw between SWAN(Sports Writers Association of Nigeria) Selected and Indo Rockets and Friends at the beautiful Uyo Township Stadium.

SWAN Selected lost that game 5-3, and why won’t they, when the SENIORMAN OF PORT-HARCOURT wasn’t selected? Well, again, let’s leave that story for another day but quick one let me whisper to your ears, the Rangers International General Manager Amobi Ezeaku is an amazing footballer. My goodness!

No Tags for the media?

Now back to how I didn’t get my tag, I arrived at the Godswill Akpabio Stadium for the press conference and to pick up my accreditation tag, I met lots of colleagues, some I hadn’t seen in four years and it was warm hugs and handshakes all around.

Some of them told me “Oh boy! I for collect your tag but then no gree give me.”

You know I am such a big deal and people always want to do things for me. 

So I said well now I am here let me go pick it up myself, only to be told “Your name is not here, no tag for you.”

I instantly thought of the millions of FANS I have and how they looked up to me and said SENIORMAN OF PORT-HARCOURT won’t disappoint, all the Hopes and Dreams of Port-Harcourt people rest on my shoulders, I am like the fictional action movie character MERLIN only I am real this time. 

Well like SKIIBII sang DAZ HOW STARS DO, I later got an accreditation tag and I would be covering the Super Eagles game, if you don’t think I am a star and the NFF & FIFA wouldn’t want a star to cover the game let me just let you know, that you are just jealous. 

Anyway, the last time I covered a Nigeria game they won so I would be hoping my presence brings good luck to the team and Finidi George, a win against South Africa and the Benin Republic is the most important thing. 

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful story from my humble heart, you can see my humility all over the place.

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