Scrabble: Suleiman wants to maintain scrabble success status through‎ hardwork

PictureGora Suleiman

President of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation, Gora Suleiman believes members of his board should reinvent their commitment for the purpose of taking the intellectually inclined sport to greater heights.
Suleiman, while addressing members of the newly inaugurated board of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation acknowledged that the board is made up of passionate and committed individuals and urged those who are returnees to learn from their past mistakes and chart a new course for Scrabble in Nigeria.
“Party is over, I want you to start work immediately so that Scrabble will maintain its place in the world. At present, it is the only sport that Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa dominates in the continent. Efforts must be stepped up to sustain that and even rule at the global stage,” Suleiman said.
“Jighere Wellington, a Nigerian won the World Scrabble Championship and many other Nigerians have won the Pan Africa Scrabble Championship. Let us add the World Youth Scrabble Championship to our achievements”
He commended the Ministry of Youth and Sports for a level playground given aspirants which culminated in all the 36 states as well as the Federal Capital Territory choosing their representatives.
Suleiman also called for grassroots development and emphasis on secondary school Scrabble and Spelling Bee to discover young talents and improve students’ English language diction.
He reeled out the Federation’s national tournaments to include Godswill International Scrabble Classic, National Scrabble Championship, Inter Club, Kano Opens, zonal events amongst others.

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