Sammy the King-slayer takes over at PH City 8- Ball Pool League


The past two days at the PH City 8- Ball Pool League have no doubt belonged to Sammy the King slayer who has slaughtered opponents without remorse at the Engine Room, V10 where the games hold.
On Thursday, Sammy was up against Zsi Hughez and won 2-1.
Against The King, Sammy took his time, respecting royalty but slew him 4-2. It was shocking he didn’t take the king’s head as a trophy.
Israel was next to accept a challenge and he was summarily executed 3-0 by Sammy.
“I am not much of a talker. I just love to play,” Sammy told
“When I am playing, I do not talk much because I do not want to be distracted.”
He humbly told that the player he fears in the League is Pen Dragon.
“I do not think I will win because there are players like Pen Dragon. If there is anyone to fear, it has to be him.”
Zen Master is finished
The Zen is a Mahayana movement, introduced into China in the 6th century and then into Japan in the 12th century.
It emphasizes enlightenment for the student by the most direct possible means, accepting formal studies and observances only when they form part of such means.
However, it seems the master of this movement is yet to be enlightened by any possible means as he cannot find a win from anywhere. How can the Master enlighten the student when he himself lacks knowledge? That is the story of the Zen Master.
On Wednesday Steve took out the Zen Master 6-0; on Thursday, it was the turn of Zsi Hughes as he beat Zen Master 3-0.
Zen Master was up for another challenge, this time against the slain King, but to cap up a bad week for him, the King won 3-0.
Razor taking his time
The pressure should be on Razor, at least ever since he openly challenged Pen Dragon and booked a date for the battle (Match 27).
He has however been taking his games easily, knowing there is a big challenge in a month.
Against Nengimo69, he won 3-0.
Razor against DDK ended 3-3 and when Willo Baba spoke up, Razor won 4-2. One can say he is gradually warming up for the Pen Dragon challenge.
On Wednesday night, Pen Dragon and Steve ended 3-3. Has the Dragon been demystified? Too early to call that one.
Zsi Hughez vs DDK ended 3-3 on Thursday.

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