​Port Harcourt’s finest Pool players face off at V 10 Lounge


The Port Harcourt City 8 Ball Pool League cues off today in Port Harcourt at The Engine Room, V10 in GRA.
The first of its kind in a city that is used to the Professional Football and Basketball Leagues, an 8 Ball Pool League is something of a surprise to people, but the organiser, Boma Oruamabo explains.
“Port Harcourt is home to a lot of beautiful and good 8 ball pool players. If you go around most of the lounges and bars, they have excellent tables with top class players,” Boma Oruamabo told ChinaAcheru.com.
“The PH City 8 ball pool league aims to bring these players together under one roof, to play each other over a period of time and taking away all variables.
“The league will have a player meeting every other player in a round-robbin format. Each win comes with points. It will be in two legs- one leg is with big balls and the other in small balls, best of three and the points add up at the end of the league to give us our league champion,” Oruamabo said.
The league begins on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 from 6pm at the famous Engine room of the V10 Club, Bar and Lounge which is located at 26 King Perekule Street in G.R.A. Port Harcourt.

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