PH City 8 ball Pool League: Where the chief banishes the King

PictureRoller-coaster ride for Amino at the PH City 8 Ball Pool League

The intrigues have not in any way reduced at the Engine Room, V 10 in Port Harcourt where the PH City 8 Ball Pool League continues.
Chief Marsh has so far been noted for finishing his games in record times while the King has proved (at least by his results) that he is anything but a king.
It was Chief Marsh against the King and it was easy pickings as it ended Chief Marsh 3-0 The King. The total match score was Chief Marsh 5-1 The King.
Chief Marsh was in terrific form on Friday also defeating DDK 3-0.
The travails of the King were not over as he came head to head with Baresi and lost again, this time 2-1.
But it was not all doom and gloom for the king as he had enough time to face off with Davidaloca and win 3-0.
Tough luck for Baresi
Baresi may have beaten the King 2-1, but it was really a poor day for him on Friday.
He faced off against Sammy and lost 2-1 while his encounter against Steve Daminky was another loss, 2-1 again.
Daminki hardly turns up, hardly smiles neither does he joke around while he plays, but whenever he turns up, he really raises the heat.
After beating Baresi 2-1, Daminki faced Davidaloca and won 3-0.
Razor made an appearance on Friday beating Soblo 3-0. Soblo had earlier drawn 3-3 against Savimbi.
Same Soblo was up against Baka and lost 4-2. Baka seems to be getting his groove back.
Baka faced up against DDK and it ended 3-3.
On Saturday at the Engine Room, Chief Marsh was not slowing down as he whooped Amino 6-0.

Israel beat Nengimo69 3-0 and Willo Baba ended his encounter with Baka 3-3
At this stage in the League it seems a bit obvious that the likes of Pen Dragon, Chief Marsh, Stevo Daminki, Sammy and Israel are favourites to win. Others like Razor, DDK, Savimbi and maybe Baresi have an outside chance of winning.
The games continue at The Engine Room, V 10, 26 King Perekule Street, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt.

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