PH City 8 Ball Pool League welcomes the Boss

PictureIgoBoss takes aim, a fatal shot in the offing

IgoBoss has been here and there since the PH City 8 Ball Pool League but it seems he has begun to make a loud statement based on his recent results.

The most talked about players in the League have been Pen Dragon (for obvious reasons), Razor, Samuel, Israel and maybe, the Zen Master, however, IgoBoss is due some reviews.

On Monday at the Engine Room, V 10, Igo Boss continued his fine form, beating Davidaloca 4-2.

Davidaloca has not had an easy run in recent times as he fell 5-1 to Pen Dragon, though he manaded to go past DDK 2-1.

Forte may not be having an easy run in the League, but he gets his wins ebvery now and then.

Forte was up against TammyJiggy and won 2-1 on the night.

Ibori is a relatively new name in the news but he has had his fair share of victories.

On monday night, he thrashed DDK 3-0. he also was up against Baka and won 2-1.

On Tuesday, two games were played.

Igoboss thrashed Savimbi 6-0 and then Pen Dragon destroyed what was left of Savimbi 6-0.

The games continue at the Engine Room, V 10, 26 King Perekule Street, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt.

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