PH City 8- Ball Pool League: The failed attempt to kill a dragon

PictureBaka and Davidaloca not finding things easy

The highlight of Tuesday was no doubt the failed attempt by IgoBoss to slay the dragon. He gave it his best shot, but it certainly was not good enough.
And yes, it was an eyeful watching Pen Dragon struggle for points on the felt as IgoBoss almost took him.
His game (Pen Dragon) seemed a bit off as he missed seemingly easy shots and he miscued when he shouldn’t have.
IgoBoss took him out in two straight games before he was able to get one back and lose the Big Balls 2-1. They took a break and with IgoBoss missing glaring chances, Pen Dragon won the Small Balls 3-0.
How not slay a Dragon
IgoBoss tried and failed and it was the turn of Forte who also had good chances against Pen Dragon and also missed an opportunity to win with 6 balls but he wasn’t up to the task. Forte eventually lost 2-1to Pen Dragon.
Unlucky Aminu
Aminu is new on the Felt but his welcome has not been the kind anyone looks forward to.
He lost his first game 3-0 and then his second game 3-0.
Baka won 2-1 against DArcher and this was after drawing 3-3 against WilloWoo. He also lost 2-1 to Savimbi on Monday.
Chief Marsh is back
Chief Marsh seems to have shaken off the lethargy of his poor performances last week.
He wasted no time to wipe out DArcher 3-0 on Tuesday and then against Amino, he won 3-0.
Nengimo69 is finally picking up some points and his pace in the league. Nengimo69 lost 2-1 to Israel but then beat Zsi Hunghez 2-1.
Shooting stray arrows
DArcher has not been much of an archer since the Pool League began because his shots have been going astray.
Baka beat DArcher 2-1 and Davidaloca also beat him 3-0.
Happy days are here again
And these may be the words of Davidaloca as things seem to be looking up for him.
After his 3-0 win over DArcher, he beat Zen Master 2-1 and then DDK 3-0.
Davidaloca drew 3-3 against TammyJiggy but then it was losses to WillyWoo, 2-1, and Savimbi 2-1

Forte lost 2-1 to Tammy Jiggy, Israel beat Steve 2-1 and IgoBoss lost 1-0 to Tammy Jiggy.
Other results are IgoBoss winning 3-0 against Israel, Sammy winning 3-0 against Willy woo and DDK beating MarkTee 3-0. Israel thrashed Amino 3-0.

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