PH City 8 Ball Pool League: Battle of Winterfell II

PictureArthur Pen Dragon and Razor share a joke

The 1st PH City 8 Ball Pool League comes to an end on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 but the attention will be on Tuesday, April 30 as two top players go head to head against each other.
The much publicised and hyped match up between Arthur Pen Dragon and Razor finally takes place on Tuesday at V 10, 26 King Perekule Street after the initial date was rescheduled from March 27.
Both players have been on each other’s throats since the League began and finally, there may be a winner and loser.
Pen Dragon spits fire
Arthur Pen Dragon who currently sits on top the log, however says he is not consumed by the excitement surrounding the game.
“It is not like I do not have an interest in the game but I played a friendly game with him (Razor) and I noticed some good changes in the way he played,” Arthur Pen Dragon told
“Despite all the noise, Razor seems to be coming from behind so I will be careful. He is good but I am going to beat him.
“I want every body that is hiding to come out and watch the game. It is not a big deal. It is not a big game I just want to have fun. I am still going to beat him. I do not know how many zero but I will beat him. I cant tell the scores but I am still going to beat,” The dragon told
He also denied any pressure going into the big match up.
“Pressure? How can I be under pressure? I am just going to have fun like I always do whenever I play snooker. I can only have pressure if the player is better than me but not Razor. Razor is middle class. He knows. I don’t see any big deal with people thinking the game is big, they are just hyping him not me. They are just trying to make him feel important.”

Razor needs the bragging rights
Razor on the other hand is looking forward to the game, but strictly for the bragging rights.
“I am looking forward to the game though not as much as the first time. Now it is about pride but then it was to put him down and give other people the belief that he can be taken out,” Razor told
“He is well ahead on points so he will most likely win the league but the game is all about pride. I want to have some bragging rights too.”
Just like Arthur Pen Dragon, Razor adds that there was no pressure at all in this.
“Nah! No pressure. There is much less at stake this time than before. In the last couple of days I have played a few friendly games with him and he was probably shocked at how I played. There would be mutual respect and it will be a gentlemanly game this time.”

Mekusa as chief donor
In Monday’s games, Baka, using the Big Balls, beat Mekusa 3-0 and lost 2-1 to Mekusa with the Small Balls making it a total of 4-2 in favour of Baka over Mekusa
Pen Dragon, probably warming up for the big match up against Razor thrashed Mekusa 3-0 using the Small Balls.
Stevo Daminki vs Pen Dragon ended 4-2 in favour of the Dragon as he lost the Big Balls 2-1 to Stevo and won the Small Balls 3-0.

Zen Master got part of the bounty as he beat Mekusa 2-1.
Arthur Pen Dragon wins
At the top of the Leaderboard is Pen Dragon, Chief Marsh, Sammy Baka and Razor in top 5. the bottom rung has Gomboi, Western Dada, BigRon, Impresario and Aganaba JP. With the game rounding up, Pen Dragon would most likely take home the top prize on Wednesday.

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