… Belema Alamina of Rivers Hoopers
This concludes the chat with Belema Alamina of Rivers Hoopers Basketball club.
In the first part of this episode, I chatted with the vice-captain of Rivers Hoopers…
Enjoy the final parts
Were Left From The First Selection?
I think about 8 but only three players from there are still in the squad now.
Like who?
Me, Bodisowei Zidougha and Ronald Alalibo.
Have You Represented Rivers State For Any National Sports Festival?
I played only in Kaduna sports festival in 2009 where we won the bronze before Hoopers started playing the league in 2010.
What Do You Do When The Season Is Over?
Work and leisure
What Is It Like Combining Basketball And Work?
Not easy at all but I try to balance them.
And none of them suffered?
Well, I give priority to the most important one at that moment. As one gets older, one would drop one for the other and definitely basketball since I can’t play the game forever.
Like during my service year in 2010, when I was posted to Adamawa state to Federal University of Technology Yola, I had to shuttle Yola and Port Harcourt to play games for Hoopers thanks to the Hoopers management who helped in making sure my movement to and fro was sorted out. Nonetheless, it was stressful going from Yola to Port Harcourt and back.
Do You Go To Off Shore?
Yes I do. The duration of my stay there is dependent on the job at hand.
Has There Ever Been A Clash; Game And Offshore?
Well, sometimes, but I am always confident of the players that would step into my place in my absence though I think about the team and the game when I am at work or offshore.
And you don’t think the team missed you in some crucial games?
*Laughs* I think they did but I am also relevant at work too.
How Difficult Was It For You When Hoopers Went On Relegation?
It was really hard. I felt a part of me had gone off.
Was that the situation that forced you into seeking for a job?
Yes. At That point nothing was working in basketball in the state and we were not been paid for a long time so I had to search for a job in my field. I got so frustrated that I had to meet my pastor Rev Temple E. Odoko, the presiding pastor of the House of Destiny who gave me a contact and that’s how I got my present engineering job.
Do you like the Idea of being off For 8 Months without basketball?
No. I think NBBF should increase the teams from both conferences so we can have more games.
Pick one out of the options I’ll give to you
Basketball Or Engineering? Engineering
Hollywood Or Nollywood Movies? Nollywood
Hang Out With Guys Or Shopping With Bae? Hang out with guys
Casual Or Corporate Outfit? Corporate
Party Time Or Church Time? *Laughs* Always church
Letters Or Social Media? Social media
NBA Or Dstv League ?Dstv
Ogoh Odaudu Or Greg Popovich? Ogoh Odaudu
Love Songs Or Afro Pop? *Laughs again* … Gospel songs please.
Fair Girls Or Dark Girls? Fair girls ….. and *laughs*.

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