Off The Court with  QUEEN JOHN… Meet Femi Adekanye, Kwara Falcons’ power forward


It is such an amazing thing to know that Nigeria basketball players have one of the most interesting lifestyles off the court especially during the offseason leaving us with no choice but dig deep into what they do, places they go to, fashion, business, family and many more.
Unlike the NBA, the Nigeria Basketball League season has a longer break in between two seasons and one gets to wonder what these players do during the 7-8 months break.
Before the kick off of the new season in few months, Queen John a sports journalist based in Port Harcourt with special interest in basketball would be taking timeout to find out what players do during the off season.
In this first episode, she will be having a chat with Kwara Falcons power forward, Femi Adekanye. Let’s meet him……….
Would Like To Know Who Is Femi Adekanye?
My name is Femi Adekanye. I Am from Oyun Local Government area in Kwara State and was born on 22nd February, 1990. My mum gave birth to 7 children, four boys and three girls and I am the last child.  I am an upcoming actor, model and professional basketball player. I attended Federal Staff School Ilorin for my primary education and proceeded to St. Anthony Secondary School before rounding off my secondary education at Mount Camel College Ilorin. From there, I attended Federal Polytechnic Ofa where I did diploma in Mass Communication,  and later went for my degree in Performing  art at the University of Ilorin and would later want to do my masters may be in Dubai.
Still On Performing Art Or Mass Communication?
I may go for theater arts or creative arts because I am a lover of arta but from the very beginning I wanted to read law.
So what happened………….
My mum influenced me to study law but along the line I wasn’t getting it and later realized it was not what I wanted to do so I decided to go do media because I realized I love interacting with the audience so I thought of media or theatre art.
Then how did basketball come into place?
My brothers influenced me because both of them played basketball professionally.
Tell me about them……..
One is T.J, they call him Tijani and his nickname is Kagoro. He played for Kada Stars and later got a scholarship to Southern Methodist University, Texas. I think he played once or twice for the national team. Then the other one is Ayo who played for so many teams in Nigeria, he played for Islanders, Comets, Union Bank but played more games for the national team than T.J. He was also around for the National Division 1 in Abuja to scout for players for a basketball camp he is organizing in Lagos but doesn’t play active basketball anymore. Both of them exposed me to basketball right from secondary school. Because of the love I have for the game, I would leave school with those that have not paid fees when they are asked to go home and I’ll go to the court to play basketball.
Your Brothers, What Year Did They Play For The National Team
I think it will be in the 1990s
After Secondary School Were You Able To Play Basketball?
Yes I was. I found it a little difficult getting admission into the university making my mum pile pressure on me to go learn a trade while I wait for admission. Because of the love I had for basketball I went for basketball rather than learning a trade. I started at the National Sports Festival and also going for national division one championship.
I remember when I got admission into UNILORIN, during my first National University Game (NUGA) I met one of the coaches for Union Bank Basketball Club who asked me to come for their trials. I went for the trials and I was selected but because I didn’t want to mix basketball with education and allow any of them suffer, I decided to focus on my education and not play in the league till I was done.
When Did You Start Playing Basketball Professionally?
I started playing four years ago with Oluyole Warriors and I was the captain of the team. I think that was my NYSC period in Oyo State so I used the advantage to play basketball and also serve. Coincidentally, I was supposed to play for Kwara Falcons at the Division One but at the 11th hour, they pulled out which made me go play for Oluyole who called me to play for them and luckily for us we won. I played two seasons for the Warriors before I travelled out, returned 18 months later, and then played playoffs for Oluyole Wariors before moving to Mark Mentors and then Kwara Falcons last season.
For The 18months You Were Out What Were You Up To?
I specifically went for my masters. I got an invitation like a trial at the American University in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. They watched my game and they loved it but were not willing to offer me a short term Scholarship for my masters, rather they wanted me to go for a degree course which I turned down. Luckily I got another school in Dubai which I’m considering to go for next year.

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To be continued next week

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  1. I’m a fan of this guy. He’s a very amazing and hard working athlete. I’m glad that he’s getting a chance to be in the spotlight. He deserves all the recognition that he can get. I really wish that he gets a chance to shine more in the industry. I wish him luck and hope the best for his future.

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