Odufa: What manner of love?


A book review
By China Acheru
How do you go from being in love to harbouring distrust, disdain and outright hatred?  
From ‘….Even if you were diagnosed positive for HIV AIDS, Anthony Mukoro, I will gladly share the disease with you; we can be positive together….’ to ….’This Tony, you will suffer! You will beg to die but will never see death. I curse you with my breasts! You will live and die a wretch!?’
You will never know any of these unless you read Othuke Ominiaboh’s Odufa.
Odufa is supposed to be a tragic romantic tale, but is it? Was that really romance, or was it a tale of two people, who hid behind their perceived love in a bid to dominate each other? Was it outright deceit or witchcraft?
Set in Lagos, Kano and Delta States, Tony thinks he is about to die and makes one last, bizarre request to the girl of his dreams, who surprisingly accepts but is she truthful in her dealings? Come to think of it, what kind of girl would accept such a proposition?
Othuke Ominiabohs offers a compelling narrative which brings to life this emotional roller coaster of a novel.
Odufa is highly recommended to lovers of a good old love story; lovers of a romantic tragedy and if you simply love to have some thrill in your life, then you need to read this book.
Odufa was a young woman without a past (at least a past not known to Anthony) while Anthony was a man without a future, (A future Odufa knew he didn’t have). A union between both is surely a guaranteed recipe for disaster!
The book, Odufa gets five stars from me (and if you know me well, I do not give out stars easily).
Copies are available at Salamader Café in Abuja, The Hub Stores, Lekki Shoprite, Patabah Books, Surulere, Laterna Books in Victoria Island, The Booksellers in Abuja and Bookville in Port Harcourt.
For Online copies, visit www.ikasuwa.com, www.dookshop.com and www.konga.com amongst others.
I have read mine. Go read yours. You may just be compelled to write a review.

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