Sports has brought me to Nigeria, says Grace Edwin

PictureGrace Edwin

By Doyin Oladosu

Ghanaian hurdler, Grace Edwin insists that she may never have come to Nigeria if not for her participation in sports.
Edwin is representing the University for Development Studies in Ghana at the West African University Games in the 400 meters hurdles event and told that she is in Nigeria because of sports.
“If not because of the sports I don’t think I would have even come here,” Edwin said.
While speaking to, Grace said that sports provided her with the opportunity of coming to Nigeria for the first time.
“I didn’t even know where Nigeria was as I have been hearing the name but had no idea where it was until now that sports has brought me here.”
She adds that she would want sports to take her to many more places.
“I know because of the sports I will go farther than Nigeria.”
The 400m hurdles runner also spoke about her difficulties adapting to Nigerian food.
“You know we are not used to your food, we are suffering seriously and frankly speaking we are really suffering.”
Grace also spoke about her challenges getting her parents to support her decision to be an athlete.
“Some of the people will be telling our parents that as ladies we are not supposed to engage in sporting activities.
“They say we will not be able to give birth and maybe not even get a husband.”
In the 400 m hurdlers, Grace Edwin won a bronze medal at the West African University Games.

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