Nine ways to die for Nigeria- Adaeze Adophy


I read with relish and utter satisfaction an article written by my long time friend Ada Adophy.

Without doubt, it was a nice read, but even better was the fact that it was Great news from a great lady who is dying for change in Nigeria.

In the midst of hopelessness in every area of our Nationhood, while many have given up all hope and sold their conscience, there are still a few fires burning – gleamers of hope that one day, soon, Nigeria will take her rightful place in the league of nations.

Since we can’t all die nine times, perhaps we could well die twice and be born again.

Below are Adophys nine ways to die for Nigeria.

————————————– I have been pondering on the question ‘Who is willing to die for Nigeria?’ since it was posed as a solution to getting Nigeria back on track in a recent discussion. Like the lady summed it up, “unless someone is ready to die for this country, nothing will change”. My initial reaction was to raise the usual arguments that ask “Why who? Why not you?” but somehow a different scenario flashed in my head that got me thinking. So moving away from the obvious argument why should we expect someone or a group of people to exclusively sacrifice to get Nigeria moving forward. My thoughts took on the path to question, must dying for Nigeria be in the physical lifeless death of the body? In my opinion, I think not! We have lost too many lives in this nation to demand or expect that unless ‘someone dies’ for Nigeria we cannot move forward. But I agree that unless we are willing to die for Nigeria, lives will continue to be demanded and wasted.

As much as we are want not to explore the concept of death or dying, events around us are daily being punctuated by death, evidence of death, news of death and rumours of death. Every day, Nigerians continue to give up their lives in diverse violent manners highlighting the collapse and decay in our Nation.

With the countless heart wrenching pointless deaths being recorded every day, I found myself exploring the concept “dying for Nigeria” as a solution.

History the world over is filled with accounts and legends of men and women who ‘laid down’ their lives for their country. Not all of them died in the physical sense of the word but it is important to note that they all died in some form or the other; some died to self or died to sacrifice while others died in dedication of themselves, their resources and time for their country etc. So instead of looking from the limiting view (physical death) I began to explore the ways we can choose to die and commit to doing so willingly.

DIE… To Self Dying to self is one sure way to commit to dying effectively. What this means is putting the needs of Nigeria before our own personal gains. Always looking at the bigger picture and asking how our decisions, actions etc will affect the total well being of the Nation. In carrying out our duties or going about our daily lives, we must put away the self centred attitude of thinking how this or that will affect us or whether it will pay us. When we learn not to consult our own ease, comfort, advantage or interest for the greater good of Nigeria, then are we ready to move this Nation forward.

DIE… An Example Set yourself an example of the change you want to see. Remember, you don’t need a title to lead or become a leader. Leadership is the ability to accept responsibility to bring about a desired change or result. Lead and be seen to exemplify by your actions the way things should be done or the proper way to act. Become accountable by your actions, decisions and attitude.

Die an example at work, on the road, in your interaction with others. Die an example for a better Nigeria.

DIE… To Serve How can you effectively serve Nigeria? What sector of the economy can you dedicate yourself in good service? Teach and organise workshops to help improve our diverse sectors Join or set up a targeted pressure/ interest group to monitor/observe within any sector.

DIE… In Accountability There is a need to imbibe the mindset of accountability. We must determine to do things at the right time and in the right ways. In our various areas, we must showcase and expect from ourselves the character to be found accountable. Accountability is not a negative quality. An accountable individual is a person of sterling quality, a trustworthy individual. It is more beneficial to die in accountability than to pass on or conceal a fault.

DIE… In Obedience We are a nation governed by rules and regulations. We must die in obedience upholding our constitution. When we don’t obey the basic laws and rules within our society, we create a chaotic environment for ourselves. Obey traffic rules. Queues are for order; they help get things done quickly. Quit the ‘do you know who I am’ attitude, whoever you are doesn’t exempt you from obedience. Do you demand obedience and respect from others? Then challenge yourself in obedience and respect for your country. Die in obedience to the rule of law.

DIE… To Sacrifice Where can you help? Who can you help? Can you identify a need you can sacrifice to meet outside of yourself? Can you help a family send a child to school? Or feed for a month? How about putting the cost of yet another leisure trip towards empowering someone else? Instead of buying that designer item in what ways can you put the money towards making a difference to someone’s life? Who can your resources help?

DIE… To Solution What needs to be done? What problems can you solve? Where can you lend your expertise? Do you know someone who can be a solution and needs a door you can open? Do you have the resources to help bring about a solution or solutions? Become known as an effective solution for change.

DIE… Vocal Dying vocal calls on us to speak up! To use our voices and make them heard. Technology has armed us with effective tools of communication. What is the point of a “Blackberry” broadcast coming a day later than it should have gone viral? Why do we keep quiet when we see things going wrong only to cry and moan when we experience the devastating effect of turning a blind eye? What difference it will make if people who see evil learn to speak up against it. Speak up! Send out a broadcast, tweet, tell someone, don’t keep quiet it can come back to bite you in the face. Die vocal based on truth!

DIE… Efficient We must begin to inculcate the spirit of excellence in whatever we do. In our places of work as we carry out our duties, we should strive to die in the place of efficiency. How can you improve your influence areas? In what better ways can you work? Stop cutting corners; it takes away our right to die willingly. Use the right tools; don’t comp
romise on quality, keep to approved standards. Apply all checks; nothing should be left to chance. Inefficiency is a destructive attitude that erodes the life line of our Nation. When we choose to die to self, We take on the power to live against Corruption When we choose to die an example, We take on the power to live with Dignity When we choose to die to serve, We take on the power to live in Excellence When we choose to die in accountability We take on the power to live for Posterity When we choose to die in obedience, We take on the power to live for Greatness When we choose to die to sacrifice, We take on the power to live against Greed When we choose to die to solution, We take on the power to live in Prosperity When we choose to die vocal, We take on the power to live against Oppression When we choose to die efficient, We take on the power to live in Progress.

We are at a crucial stage in our nation where “dying to save Nigeria” should be the norm, embraced with understanding and commitment, not a concept to be feared, viewed with contempt or treated with cynicism. When we demand of ourselves to die willingly, We take on our powers to live as citizens of a great Nation.

In Memory of Adobi Thelma Mojekwu (46), Ijeoma Onyiuke (39) and the countless lives needlessly lost as our Nation groans for our manifestation! Rest In Peace… your memories hold us accountable. SPICY 4Change June 2012

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  1. This is good how people are show such enthusiasm for their country. This writer has and amazing mind and a beautiful heart too which is depicted by her words. People who give priority to their nation are always rewarded with something big.

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