​New SWAN President must be 200% better than me- Abubakar

PictureHonour Sirawoo

Outgoing president of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN Seidu Abubakar has challenged his successor to be hard working if he is to continue the process of moving the association forward.
With SWAN national elections scheduled for July next month, members are already indicating interest to vie for different positions, that of president included.
Abubakar who has served two tenures as president of SWAN says a successor who must be able to do 200% better than what he meets on ground is what he expects of whoever becomes the new Association president.
“I expect that anybody that is going to take over from me must be somebody who can do 200% better than I have done.
“I am not planning to install anybody anyway but whoever it is I expect that person must brace up and be ready to take up a very serious challenge,” Abubakar said.
The amiable Abubakar says his tenure witnessed numerous achievements chief of which is instilling of a level of peace amongst warring factions in different chapters across the country.
“It is his hope that such a calm atmosphere would help the incoming executives achieve the common goal of moving the association and its members to a higher pedestal.
“The peaceful atmosphere that we’ve had during our time is one thing I can be proud of.
“That atmosphere that we have been able to create we hope our successors would come and build on.
“It is a very good platform which we didn’t meet and we had to start from the scratch but now we are bequeathing a very conducive atmosphere and environment for our members and the incoming exco also to operate in.”
Vice president South-South Honour Sirawoo has indicated interest to succeed Seidu Abubakar as president of SWAN and has promised not to disappoint if he succeeds at the polls in July.

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