Need for respect in public spaces


By Blackice
So I got to the state secretariat this morning in the rain and went up the elevator to follow up my letters of invite that I had submitted more than a week ago.

As soon as the elevator door opened, I was greeted by the most horrible smell ever experienced and it came from the toilet which was directly opposite the elevators.
I managed to get out quickly and practically ran to the office I was headed and waited for more than 2 hours for officials to arrive at work.
Mind you, I got to the secretariat complex as early as 8.30am.
In all the offices that I visited, no officer was around so I had no choice than to wait until
Now sitting and waiting and quietly thinking my day through, a man dressed in an attire that made me think he could be a pastor walked in and sat by my side. 
We exchanged pleasantries and almost immediately started playing music on his phone (classical).
Let me break to say this….I am a lover of classical music, but should he have?
Now my question is…If a Muslim does same thing in same airspace as he was, how would he have felt?
If I also start playing my hip hop or reggae or those very loud music how would I appear to him?
My point is I think we should do onto others what we wish others onto us…
I am a believer and a follower of Christ and I make bold to say it any and everywhere… but I’d rather we do not throw our preferences into other peoples’ faces.
I am Blackice and I think to make my opinions clear

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  1. I must say that this is a huge issue on thee days. That the restrooms in the public places are so bad that i think this is a source of a lot of diseases in these days. And the government needs to take notice.

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