Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: Why do people cheat?

By Victor Kwame Sampong

A mild drama ensued at the Tombia Road Junction this week, right in front of Jevinik Restaurant and The Genesis Center, a spectacle that unfolded before our eyes on Friday night.

I had just gotten back my car after four days at Ford’s Mechanic Shop. It was already 2 pm, so I just bought petrol and decided to use the next two hours to test the good works of his hands and brain.

After that, I went for my routine football training session, hoping to resume my work later in the night. So, after dinner, I set out, and after a few rides, I decided to stop by Market Square to get bread and butter before they close for the day.

As I dey feel the mad vibes from Magnito’s new album playing on my stereo via Bluetooth, I just see one car wey double cross another clean Toyota Rav 4, Hollywood style, just in front of Jevinik.

With safety mode kicking in, because like most people around, I thought it was either the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS men or a kidnapping about to go down. Na so I first march am cross the intersection into the Market Square car park.

I no come hear gunshots or anything of that nature. But instead, a man trying to force open the front door of the passenger’s side of the other car blocked off from moving. People began to move closer to the scene. Me sef followed suit.

We got there and everyone was wondering what was happening. Before we could say Jack Robinson, the man outside had used the wheel spanner from his car to smash the side mirror of the Toyota RAV 4. He proceeded to hit the windows with it. Two people were inside the Rav 4, a terrified female driver and her male companion.

It took us a whole to understand what was going on but then it hit us.

At this point, men around tried to and were able to retrain the man seemingly attacking the occupants of the other car and beckoned on the pair to exit the vehicle so we could get the full gist. The attacker was already in tears, while the lady driving had her hands on her head as she alighted. The other man in the car didn’t come down right away. He looked older with his ‘Agbada’.

When quizzed, the attacker claimed the lady is his fiancee and him don even go do ‘small thing for her head’. He works with an offshore company, so he’s barely at home.

He was due to arrive the next day, but they came a day earlier. He had called her several times but she didn’t respond. He decided to use his phone to access the tracking device in the car (Rav 4) he bought for her 3 months ago before he left. She was at De Edge Hotel. He called again, but no response. So he drove down and decided to just wait and see what was popping.

He saw his woman and the older man walk out hand in hand from the hotel lobby into her car, stayed for a few minutes before driving out. He brought out his phone to show us and I must admit, the pictures and videos did not look good. He was in a state of shock, contemplating what to do next when they drove past him. So he also drove faster to block their path at the junction.

The lady was already on her knees begging like her life depended on it. The agbada-wearing man had snuck out of the car unnoticed. We only found the agbada and cap on the seat, with the front door slightly opened. We got carried away by the narration of the attacker, to the point that we lost track and sight of him. Nevertheless, the boys around volunteered to search for him make hand for touch am small.

Some kind-hearted men pleaded with the man to not do anything rash that might lead him into regrets later. Others rained curses and hurled insults of varying degrees on the lady who was soaked in tears, begging us to plead with her fiance to forgive her.

The attacker gathered himself and asked her to drive in front of him as they make their way home. Surprisingly, he was calm afterwards. Nobody knew what he had in his mind as they drove home.

I’ll be keeping my ears close to my radio set, just in case news of any nature filters in. I hope he considers his future and does not go the extreme though.

One thought on “Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: Why do people cheat?

  1. Lol. Technically she is not his wife. He dey nack her on credit. If he works in a oil (servicing) company and can afford to buy her a RAV4 and even install expensive tracker, then he should be able to pay for an elaborate wedding, and not ‘pay small small’ like he bought phone from Slot.

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