Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: When you catch a cheat at her game

By Victor Kwame Sampong

The past week hasn’t been all that fruitful for me by my personal standards, and I know my output has been poor. So, by Thursday, I decided to step it up a notch or two higher to see if something fit come out.

After working from morning until 3 p.m., I took my usual break. But instead of going to play football, I resumed after two hours to make up for lost time. “When a man says yes, his chi also say yes”, according to the elders.

The next three trips I embarked on after resumption put smiles on my face. The fourth one was from Rupuokwu to Ezimgbu link road, also known as Mummy B road. As I approached the Mummy B junction via Stadium Road, another order crept in. I clicked to accept. With my left hand on the steering, I used my right hand to call the next client via app call. She didn’t pick. So, I tried via normal calls and a familiar name appeared on my screen…Unpaid Trip Woji! I just smiled. Hehe!

I thought maybe it was a mistake. So, I started the whole process again of bringing out the number from the app…I got the same result: Unpaid Trip Woji! The two female riders in the car at the time noticed my sinister laughter and asked why.

By then, we were at their destination, Eco Lounge. I took my time to explain to them how and why the name was saved that way. I called the next client and told her I’m very close so she should stay put. The ladies laughed with me, while expressing their disappointments with certain riders, but also encouraged me to go all out to reclaim my mandate… sorry… money!

Now, this is the story.

I picked ‘Unpaid Trip Woji’ from Liberty House Hotel around the UST-Ada George axis about three months back. She asked that I go through Market Square because she wanted to get a few items. As usual, I dished out my terms and conditions on waiting for clients, which after much bickering, she agreed to.

After spending close to twenty-five minutes with her inside Market Square in GRA, we set out for the Luxury Pool Hotel in Woji. In total, she was meant to send Five Thousand, Three Hundred Naira (N5,300) which included her ride plus waiting time.

However, we got there and she claimed network issues dey hamper the transfer. I encouraged her to use a POS machine, but she told me she didn’t have an ATM and that’s why she’s using USSD short code for the transfer. Not my usual style, but I let her go after numerous pleas from her that I should drop my details with her and she’ll do it before the end of the day. I had already been there for almost 20-30 minutes. So, I reluctantly left, hoping she would do the honourable thing.

A few hours turned into a day, a day turned into days, days into weeks and there we are, three months after and she stopped taking my calls and blocked me on WhatsApp.

The moment I got to her pick-up point at The Arena Event Centre, I parked a few metres away from the gate and asked her to walk back a bit because of the traffic of cars there. She was with two other girls. My headlamps were on full mode so I could verify if she was the same person. I laughed once again and shook my head because so many thoughts were running through.

I opened the front door when she got close and she didn’t know (perhaps) how she got in, exactly where I wanted her to be. As they got comfortable with the AC on and music playing, I just snatched her phone from her hand swiftly and faced her head long… Where’s my fuckin money? Either you give me the money quietly now with interest or you’ll still give me later with more than enough noise and embarrassment…the choice is yours.

You can imagine the shock on their faces. One of them at the back wanted to raise her voice, I just switched off the engine and came down to sit on my booth. They all came down to my side now, maybe thinking it was a bad joke. The culprit couldn’t speak till now. I didn’t wait for her to speak. I just showed her friends our old WhatsApp conversations and explained to them what happened. Shame sef no gree them loud am.

I told them my money is now Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000). They begged and pleaded, she too joined and one or two people who saw us came and intervened and being a good man, I accepted a reduced fee of Ten Thousand Naira Only (N10,000). This time, I waited to confirm the transaction and went straight home.

Indeed, what goes around, comes around!

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  1. Absolutely, it’s a reminder that standing up for what’s rightfully yours can lead to satisfying outcomes. Your patience and determination certainly paid off. Let this be a lesson to everyone that honesty and integrity matter. Well done in handling the situation, and may you have more fruitful days ahead!” ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ‘

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