Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: How to handle an entitled lady

By Victor Kwame Sampong

Work started on an excellent note on Thursday, even though they were short but sweet, interesting and chatty.

I was at Rumuola Junction when I got the fourth order from a small hotel along Rumuadaolu Road, close to a bakery. I got there and waited for quite a while for the client and his babe to get in. Merely looking at them, I said to myself,”These ones go come dull my morale” this morning, but duty called, so we moved.

The silence in the car was deafening. It was akin to the famous adage of ‘hearing a pin drop’ in this situation. None of us bothered to say anything to anyone.

Halfway through the journey, I realised the radio was on but there was no sound. It was still in Bluetooth mode from the previous rider. So I switched to FM and in came some fine tunes.

We got to Woji and I was about to take a turn into the Silverblaze road when the girl indicated that she’ll like to alight at the junction. I parked well for her to do so, but she just sat there and tapped my client to give her the money she requested for.

The guy told her to send her details to him so that he’ll do that later, but she would have none of it, insisting he executes the transaction immediately. The back and forth was already tiring so I had to come in so as to save my time. I told them I was on the job and time is of the essence. The girl blurted out rudely that I should mind my business then. My head nearly burst.

I now asked the guy to pay me so I could end the ride there and leave them to their own business. Oga said his destination is still very much ahead.

Oya, what could be the issue na?

He began to explain.

He met the girl close to his brother’s house, same street and eventually got her number. They had been talking for about three days until they both decided to see.

They met elsewhere, went out to eat and drink, plus other chew-chew. On their way back to the hotel, she still requested two wraps of shawarma and drinks. Oga didn’t mind, as long as it would all lead to a ‘happy ending’…a small price to pay for what’s to come, he thought.

However, when they got to the hotel and after having their bath, the girl began to act tired and sleepy. He tried all the tricks in his playbook, but she didn’t budge. So he let her be and also slept, hoping that the ‘postponed match’ would be played much later or deep into the night or at most, very early in the morning.

He had tried to cuddle her in the night but his hands were returned back to their natural position

His efforts to get her into the mood in the morning were also rebuffed…..hehehehe.

My client took his disappointment in good faith, knowing that, in life, you win some, you lose some.

So, while dressing up to leave the hotel this morning, the girl started making demands about being in need of money and the stuff she told him she needed money for which he had agreed to do something about it the previous night.

It was at this point he turned towards her to tell her point blank that he owes her nothing.

The girl’s face turned red and she in turn told him he has to pay her for her time. Me sef con dey confuse. “Pay you as what na? Wetin you do for am”?…I asked her.

She said she left all she was doing to go out with him. So, she can’t go back home empty-handed. He has to at least, drop something. I didn’t know when I burst out laughing.

Then I got angry again. I asked the client sternly if he has anything to give her. My guy said no. I ordered her to leave the car immediately so I can drop off the client that booked the ride. She can look for him later to settle her scores. She wanted to prove stubborn. I told her she shouldn’t wait to see me leave my seat to her side. It won’t be nice because at this point, she’s obstructing my work. As I stretched my hand to open the door, she beat me to it and alighted swiftly.

Na so I zoom off. The yeye boy begin to look me, thanking me for my timely intervention. We talked about the issue some more and his pains and disappointment of the botched match, despite training so hard. I felt for him.

In less than five minutes, we got to his place. He paid including an extra Three Thousand Naira for my ‘United Nations Peace’ Intervention Efforts. He said he’d rather give his fellow man the earmarked funds for her than actually give her after all he went through the previous night.

I knew it was time to have a sumptuous breakfast at Mama King’s joint. No time!

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10 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: How to handle an entitled lady

  1. Lol .. you really saved that guy’s ass .. well, enjoy your Xtra 3k, ba where man dey work him dey chop

  2. My Gee, senior officer of the UN hahahaha.
    I always encourage young men to go straight to the point. Now the newly signed player could not debut in his own home match. Hahaha. KingBishop signing out.

  3. Thunder go fire her left nyash, imagine such boldness of demanding a payment for a failed match…I pity the guy

  4. Na WA o. But funnily in Lagos, hailing riders don’t have this much time. But I know these things happen too. Bros be safe out there.

  5. Reason why I prefer to have the conversation before meeting.

    Lay down your terms and I lay down mine, we either meet in the middle or go home.

  6. Who needs reality TV when you can be a ride-hailing driver and witness all the entertainment firsthand? Your car should come with a popcorn dispenser for these kinds of rides. Just make sure to have a ‘No Drama’ policy sign in the backseat from now on!

  7. ‘United Nations Peace’ Intervention Efforts… Mad o 😂😂
    Mr UN security officer. Well done

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