Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: A Damsel in Distress (Conclusion)

By Victor Kwame Sampong

After concluding arrangements to storm Creed on Friday night, we decided to drink to a successful plan and business partnership. It was a big risk for me though, albeit, a calculated one.

If she succeeds in her quest, I get paid my airport pick-up fee and subsequent drop-off fee, plus movements around Port Harcourt, waiting time, and all.

However, if she fails, then I’ll be left with nothing; after wasting my time, energy, and scarce resources. I weighed the pros and cons, then gulped down three bottles of beer to ‘give me morale’ to see to my own end of the bargain.

Last week I wrote about the usher who came to Port Harcourt for a job that had passed her by. She couldn’t afford transportation back to her base, so we found a way for her to make some money for herself.

Enter the Queen

So, Friday arrived with much anticipation. We had been chatting regularly between Thursday night and Friday afternoon, whenever I had a slight break from work.

We talked about a wide range of topics, including how she got into this line of work. Interestingly, she’s a final year student at the University of Abuja and this was the best way she could think of to see herself through school, with no support from her parents or family.

She was such a stunning beauty though. She was blessed with an appealing shape and curves in the right places. Her skin also radiated like a good reflection from the sun. I won’t lie, so many thoughts ran through my head during the few moments I spent with her.

It was Like the Nigerian artiste, TuBaba sang in one of his tracks with M.I, Abaga ‘…me sef I be human being Oo’. I had, however, trained myself never to mix business with pleasure, plus office romance has never been my thing. “I no dey shit for where I dey chop” was a long-held mantra for me.

After working from Friday morning till midday, I took my usual break, slept, woke up, and went for football practice. By 7 pm, I was getting ready to go meet my Queen. She was set too when I arrived.

Trading flesh for cool money

What I saw walking out through the reception was enough to make a monk renounce his vow of celibacy. Her appearance reaffirmed my belief in our business arrangement.

She got into the car, while I gave glowing remarks about her stunning looks, but instead of going to Creed as we planned, I changed route and headed to Le Meridien Hotel instead.

I had a short stint there as one of the independent logistics contractors three years ago. I know the inner workings of the place, so I gave her some street orientation because her looks would best be appreciated in that setting.

I volunteered to wait behind and use my vast but waning connections with the security guys and potters to ensure they let her sit by the poolside for a few hours on the pretense that she was waiting for her partner.

Usually, they don’t tolerate such loitering around as girls of that nature are quickly walked off the premises. I was in the parking lot and would once in a while go into the restroom to take a leak, while in reality, I was only spying on her to see how she was doing.

At about 9 pm or thereabouts, she messaged me that someone just joined her table by the poolside. I noticed both of them heading to the restaurant for dinner perhaps or some more drinks. Then she messaged again that they were heading out. Apparently, she offered to book the ride they were supposed to use, but instead, she messaged me and feigned a call to the Bolt guy.

I became their cab guy for about two hours before dropping them off at Xteem Luxuries. Her client paid me twice my fee (4 hours instead of 2). She spent the night with him. On Saturday morning, she called me to go get her stuff from Bluez and bring them to Xteem (because she might take off from there), which I did.

She spent Saturday with him as well, as I saw them swimming when I returned with her luggage. I took them out at night again and got paid handsomely.

By Sunday morning, she was set to leave. ‘Her Man’, must have been so pleased with the company that he gave her three hundred and fifty thousand naira (N350,000.00) total compensation package. My God! Who are these people? She was super excited when I came to pick her up.

We headed for God Is Good Motors instead because that’s the right move, to save cost. She transferred my own share of the ‘loot’ as agreed earlier with so much gratitude showing on her face.

We’ve remained friends and business partners. She and her man plan to reconnect again during the Easter break and I’ll be on hand to provide logistics and business tips when she arrives in the Garden City of Port Harcourt next month!

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