Memoirs of a Bolt Guy: A bestie in need, a friend indeed

by Victor Kwame Sampong

The issue of having a bestie has been over-flogged for years now, but it seems the practice is still one that people have no intention of letting go of.

My work during the day on Tuesday was one that I will not forget in a hurry. It was safe for me to say early on that day that I was not going to make much. So, as usual, I took my midday break and resumed in the evening after football training and some food.

My first ride that evening was good and not too far, unlike the initial display on my screen. The client was not far from me, so I hurried up to get to her. As I approached her gate, I saw her and a guy I presumed to be her boyfriend, exchanging words. The argument was quite heated. It took her another ten to fifteen minutes for her to be done with him and board the vehicle because they both kept going back and forth.

She eventually joined me in the car and I drove off. It wasn’t long after that I overheard her on the phone with another guy. She was heading to his place and they were on a video call. She narrated the incident I just witnessed earlier as to why she needed to come over to clear her head. But the new guy initially resisted politely that his babe would be coming around as well. My client refused and instead told him to tell his girlfriend to stay away for tonight because she, his ‘bestie’ was already there… isn’t that why they’re friends? To be there for each other during their lowest ebb?

By the time she told him to make something light for her to eat and keep her favourite big polo so she could change over quickly upon arrival, my guy man don gree sharp sharp.

They both went off briefly and by the time they reconnected on the video call, I was already on Odili Road. He told her he had reluctantly cancelled the appointment with his own babe so he could ‘console her properly’…his words though…not mine. They talked about cuddling, crying and other naughty stuff besties usually do behind closed doors. It was safe to say, my ears were full.

I got there and met the bestie already outside, waiting to welcome her with wide arms. After paying, he opened the door for her and she embraced him warmly. It was at that point I knew I had to mind my business and look for the next client.

Unhappy 3some

I was woken up by their call on Wednesday morning. After the call, I checked my phone and it was almost 6 am. Felicia wanted me to come to pick them up that morning from the same hotel I dropped them off the previous night.

They had booked me from Rumuokoro to GRA on Tuesday night. When I asked for the specific location, they could neither pronounce the name properly nor did they have any idea of its location, but I knew.

I told them the place was quite far from where they had initially registered, so I’ll have to charge them more. After a slight bargaining process, we settled for Four Thousand Naira total fare to one hotel off Abacha Road (the road opposite House On The Rock Church). I delivered on my mandate, got paid and they told me to come pick them up very early in the morning. Me sef don forget.

So, fast forward to today, I quickly dashed into the bathroom to bathe and get dressed, got to their location in good time and our journey started. The atmosphere wasn’t the same as I experienced the previous night. I knew something was off.

We got to Omachi at Rumuodomaya and it was during payment the argument started. Like they did yesterday, both girls split the bill evenly. But today, Felicia wanted her friend and colleague Joy, to pay slightly more. They kept on arguing about it till I got the gist.

They were both supposed to jointly deliver a tag-team happy-ending performance on their client. But late in the night, after they had gone out to drink and return to the hotel for action, Joy’s period came unannounced. This forced her to miss the match. Now, in a bid not to disappoint the client, Felicia had to work extra hard to cover up for the numerical disadvantage. While they were leaving this morning, the seemingly satisfied client didn’t renege on his promises as he gave both girls Twenty Thousand Naira each (N20,000) as earlier agreed.

The girls were decent enough not to show themselves there because Felicia wasn’t happy with the way the spoils of war were eventually shared. So, in order to even things up slightly, she felt Joy, who didn’t deliver, should pay Three Thousand Naira (N3,000) so she could cover the balance.

Both girls were already nice to me the previous night with the way we easily talked. So, picking a side was out of it for me. I only appealed to them to just pay me my 4k and sort themselves out later. Joy stood her ground, paid me her own fifty per cent of the total fare and walked away in anger. Felicia had no choice but to comply as well. I bade them farewell, and turned around to start my day officially!

The things I see on these road trips.

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  1. Life is full of surprises, and being a driver exposes you to unique and sometimes unexpected situations. It’s essential to maintain professionalism and neutrality when such scenarios arise. Your ability to navigate through the events and prioritize your job shows your professionalism. It’s remarkable how people’s lives intersect, even for brief moments, and we get a glimpse into their world.

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