Love Notes: Don’t blame it on anything, it was all on you


Tonye Franklin
The definitions of ‘relationship’ might be cliché yet cannot be underestimated, except the ones with ‘open’ in them.
Therefore a decision to be in a relationship should be backed by basic traits or ingredients that are the foundations on which it stands.
But in society today, it’s easy to say these character traits are hardly instilled in the minds of a lot of people due to the appalling rate of broken marriages and failed relationships caused by ‘cheating’.
Especially how it has successfully been highly attributed to a particular gender over the years.
Truth is, whether one gender or all genders, cheating is still an intentional act of disrespect to your partner, yourself and your relationship.
Cheating is an independent choice of indiscipline; having zero control over your sexual urges and how or with whom you choose to satisfy them, which are the traits the first paragraph of this article refers to.
Although, excuses are given sometimes to justify the act which unfortunately has almost given it a more credible stand in an institution supposedly laid on a foundation of love, communication, trust and commitment.
It’s important you note that this article doesn’t sideline the possible temptations in a relationship and/or in the union of marriages but it is more aimed at highlighting the fact that despite these challenges, the individual plays a major role in the outcome of events which is the ability to MAKE DECISIONS.

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