Kingsroom Unisex here to stay… offers free grooming sessions


A new Beauty shop in Port Harcourt, Kingsroom Unisex has taken to social media to attract the high rollers in society to their joint.
Located at the 2nd Floor, Big Treat, opposite Air Force Base in the Garden City, their tweets to celebrities went thus: “We would like to groom you with a free hair-cut, mini facials, manicure & pedicure! When would you like to come?”
Kingsroom Unisex is owned by two bankers, Taiye and Tosin Adeyemi and they have already attracted lots of Port Harcourt based celebrities to have the promised complementary grooming session.

Did the twitter campaign work?
“We had a couple of people who came to have free sessions at our place and we were encouraged by the number,” Taiye Adeyemi told
“We want to believe that those who came will return and with their friends and family too.
“We are trying to look for loyal customers. It is not just a one off thing,” he added.
“We have been running for a year and then the twitter thing came up and we wondered, why not use Social Media to push our business forward.
New projects at hand
According to Adeyemi, they are also planning to start a grooming club where individuals or families can subscribe.
“We are also planning a grooming club where you pay a subscription and you can also come in during that time to have a grooming session as long as your subscription is active. We will be having single subscription as well as family subscription too.”
Another big project by Kingsroom Unisex is to open in other major malls in Port Harcourt.
“We are also looking forward to opening in the major malls in town like Genesis where we hope to be before the end of the year and Spa where we look forward to operating from by 2017.”
But why Kingsroom?
Taiye Adeyemi told that it all started as a men grooming center.
“When we started we had the idea that it might lead us to a women section too.
“From back ground we are princes and princesses. I’m a prince. Heir apparent to a kingdom somewhere in western Nigeria. My wife is a princess too.
“Our big idea was that you are coming to a palace and we believe that for every king there is a queen. That’s why we have Kingsroom. We didn’t want to call it Kingspalace because that name didn’t sound attractive to us.”
Kingsroom Unisex may be relatively new in town, but Taiye and Tosin Adeyemi have big hearts and dreams.
They offer good and worthwhile grooming session too.
Needless to say, I’ve had mine, when would you?

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