Israel takes over at PH City 8- Ball Pool League

PictureIsrael doing his thing on the Felt

It was not the best of starts for Israel but over the weekend he made himself the man to beat at the ongoing PH City 8 Ball Pool League.
On Thursday and Friday, Israel lost a couple of games from winning positions.
One of them was against Pen Dragon on Friday and there was another against Sammy on Thursday. And the argument was that he either lost concentration too easily or he lacked proper game management to lead him all the way especially in difficult situations on the felt.
Against Pen Dragon on Friday, Israel lost 2-1 and against Sammy on Thursday he lost 3-0. He should have won these games
He beat Chief Marsh 2-1 on Friday though and it seemed like he had gotten back his mojo.
He started with a 2-1 loss to IgoBoss on Sunday, then he beat Forte 4-2. Israel thrashed Razor 4-2 and then took out Zen Master 3-0.
“Let’s just say that I wasn’t really acquainted with the table and things were not going well as planned. Last week I lost to a couple of people and maybe they were just better than I was back then,” Israel told
He now sees himself as qualified to win the League.
“It is very possible considering the fact that I am a great player. I am hopeful of better things to come,” Israel said.
Baka blows hot and cold
At this stage of the League it is difficult to figure out Baka. He like Forte and Zen Master will win one and lose two, then come back to win two and maybe lose again.
On Friday night, Baka lost 0-3 to Baresi but on Sunday he came back stronger with a 6-0 spanking of IgoBoss. Baka was determined to recover the lost points all in one day as he challenged Zen Master and won 2-1.
The Zen Master and the King
While we agree that the Zen Master really has no knowledge to pass on to people, the King has to make up his mind if he really is royalty or just the jester in the King’s court.
On Friday, the Zen Master lost 3-0 to MarkTee. Note that MarkTee has not exactly wowed the hall with bright performances. Zen Master took a break and returned on Sunday, this time losing 2-1 to DDK, 3-0 to Israel and 2-1 to Baka.
The King? That’s a laugh because he lost 2-1 to DDK and 2-1 to Chief Marsh. Now tongues are wagging. Is the King really in control of his Kingdom or is he an imposter?
In other games played on Friday, Pen Dragon took out Forte 3-0. That one was quick and brutal.
Pen Dragon beat Israel 2-1 and Tammy Jiggy beat MarkTee 2-1.
On Sunday, Sammy lost 1-2 to IgoBoss.
The Venue is still The Engine Room, V10, 26 King Perekule Street, GRA Phase II in Port Harcourt.

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