If you love yourself a little romantic tragedy, you will enjoy Sector IV


By Faith Yeega

Sector IV is set in a village called Achara in Eastern Nigeria during the Biafra war of 1967-1970 and spanning through months after the war into 1971, Abigail Anaba’s SECTOR IV, is a historical romantic tragedy which explores a woman’s search for happiness and the near illusiveness of ‘happily-ever afters.’

Structured into four parts, Revelation, Exodus, Chronicles and Genesis with a backstory and flashbacks, we are drawn into a suspense filled tale which revolves around Onyinyechi, a young secondary school student set to be in her final class who aside her father’s dream of her going to Cambridge University, also wishes to travel the world and write about her exploits, but a war is ongoing and her life soon takes a turn she never envisaged.

From the disclosure (Revelation) to the heartbreaking departures (Exodus) through the (Chronicles) in search of an elusive safe haven, the reader journeys with Onyinyechi while relating with other characters and their own story within the story during the war, and after the war ends, a quick backtrack is taken to the (Genesis), a beginning which leads to another end.

Without leaving out the tradition and culture of the Igbo people, this intriguing story of love, war, pain, loss, family, marriage, deceit, betrayal, loyalty, sacrifice, greed, survival and self-preservation narrated in present tense with a third person viewpoint narrative which resonates with the reader and employs a gracious use of imagery, is a subtle reminder that most people never wished for a war, but got caught up in the reality of one and in spite of all the destruction and devastation that war bears, we can always find room to hope, for solace can always be find in Love, Friendship and a Family that is ours to cherish.

It comes with a map, in case you decide to embark on a search for Sector IV, after reading.

And keep a tissue close…you might need it.

You can buy a copy or more of SECTOR IV at Bookville in Port Harcourt, Ezimgbu Link Road (Mummy B road), Roving Heights 28 Ogunlana Dr, Surulere, Lagos or online via www.rhbooks.com.ng/

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