I used to have a girl named Su, and why we broke up


When I was 9 years old, I fell in love with a girl, or at least I thought I did. I liked her so much and could hardly do without her.

It was a kind of long distance relationship and I would see her between 7-10 times yearly and those were always the best moments of my life.

As I grew older I loved her the more until we met for the first time when I turned twenty nine. I stuck to her because I was in love with her. Even after I got married, I remained with her because she was like the first love I ever had.

But late last year I took a decision to do away with her. Moments with Su were the best I had experienced. She would do things to me that none other could do. Just watching her and spending time with her would make my day and week and I could talk about those moments for months until the next time I meet her. That was how telling, my moments with my girlfriend, Su were, but I had to end it all to avoid mental health issues

She stopped being attractive to me and soon began to give negative vibes. Moments spent with her turned out to be bore fests and I would be anger stricken for days and weeks on end after she leaves. She had lost whatever it was hat attracted me. She began to act like she was being forced to be girl friend. I stopped looking forward to being with her. There was really no need being with her. I tried, but it did not work.

I tried to endure the latest version of Su, hoping she would change and things would be back to normal, but it just kept on getting worse.

I decided to find fun in some other things than my own girl friend and after this lasted a while, I knew it was time to end this love affair.

The Reality of it all

The story told above has been me and the Super Eagles as presented by Gernot Rohr. Ever since I decided not to watch them any more I have had no regrets and I have had peace of mind. I see people complain on Social Media after each game, on how badly the Eagles played and I really tell myself that I am not missing anything. The Super Eagles currently have nothing to offer. They are like that old whore on Adelabu Street that has been used and ravaged by the menfolk who are now switching over to younger girls.

This is not a “Gernot Rohr must go” article because I have gone way past that. Let Rohr stay on.

Bottom line is that I will not go back to my old girl friend. I hope the Eagles qualify for the World Cup, but I will not watch any game with Gernot Rohr as coach. Like I have said a hundred times- i’d rather watch wet paint dry or moths mating, than destroy my eyes on the rubbish they dish out to Nigerians every time they play.

Let me go and apply my eye drops.

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