Good To Go: A book review

PictureStanley Jack’s Good To Go

By China Acheru
Good To Go is a book that simply tells the young Nigerian male or female, especially those just out of the mandatory one year national service that they must be ready for the challenge ahead.
But Good To Go is more of a question than a charge, or is it?
What the author, Stanley Jack did here was to use history, traditional beliefs, religion and basic Nigerian life to tell the story of how a young person can be successful in spite of his/ her educational qualifications.
How did the Nigerian/ Biafran Civil war of the 60s affect your life as regards the compulsory one year Youth Service?
Did president Goodluck Jonathan change your life? Can president Buhari change it?
How does a Master of Business Administration end up mopping floors in a restaurant in Nigeria?
Was/ is there a conspiracy by present/ past Nigerian rulers to see to it that you are not enlightened?
What does the history of Nigeria’s creation tell about how successful the rulers want you to be?
What role has the church played in this conspiracy?
In reading through Good To Go I see passion in the way Stanley Jack writes.
You may not agree with everything he spits out in the book, depending on your political/ religious leanings but certainly there are principles here that could guide you if you want to make a career, a successful one after graduation and completion of your one year national service.
Is Stanley Jack a successful person, himself?
You need to take one look into his young life to answer that question yourself.
I have read Good To Go and I was just wowed by the repertoire of knowledge flowing from the young writer, his use of history, religion and politics to make his point and the way he puts his words and sentences together to ensure you do not stop as soon as you start reading his book.
Personally, I will recommend this book to all undergraduates, those currently undergoing national service (NYSC), those immediately out of NYSC as well as job seekers.
Those who aren’t getting fulfilment in their current jobs may need to read this and ask themselves if they are indeed Good To Go.
You can buy Good To Go at Bookville World, No 2 Ezimgbu Link Road, adjacent to Mummy B church, Off Stadium Road, Port Harcourt. 

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