Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3 plot predictions: Jon meets Daenerys, Greyworm dies and more


Christopher Hooton
And so it is Game of Thrones season 7’s third episode this week, which promises to be a meaty one.
‘Stormborn’ set up some juicy plot points that should come into fruition in ‘The Queen’s Justice’. Here are our predictions based on the trailer, episode synopsis and the fact we’ve been covering this show until our eyes bled Weirdwood sap.
1. Jon meets Daenerys at Dragonstone, it doesn’t go swimmingly
What is going on with the Starks and what are their motives?
The meeting itself is actually a certainty, given the closing shot in the trailer of Jon entering the Targaryen throne room.
The King in the North was invited there but, unbeknownst to him (Tyrion was careful to be tactful with his raven), Daenerys expects him to bend the knee. Would he do it if it meant the promise of an alliance in fighting the White Walkers? Maybe, but he’ll be hoping it doesn’t come to that.
Expect Daenerys to be her usual monocratic self and regard Jon with suspicion, but Tyrion and Varys to try and soften diplomacy, especially the former given his positive history with Jon. In spite of their efforts, I don’t have a great feeling about this meeting.
It’s worth noting that, like it or not, Daenerys’ moves against Cersei will affect Jon and he’ll need to plan/side accordingly.
2. A battle for Casterly Rock takes place, Greyworm dies
The battle is definitely on, as the trailer sees Greyworm suiting up and sailing with the Unsullied on Targ boats before storming a set of gates, but what will the outcome of the battle be?
Team Daenerys just suffered a blow with Euron destroying most of the Greyjoy fleet, so maybe they’re due a small win here?
I wouldn’t be surprised if Jaime rushes back to the Lannisters’ seat to defend the castle, or if Greyworm dies in battle given he had that closure-providing sex scene last week.
3. Cersei has a lot more time for Euron
She will be delighted by him crushing the Greyjoys and finding his “precious gift” for her in the process, Ellaria Sand – the woman who poisoned Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella.
The episode synopsis says that “Cersei returns a gift”. We know Euron wants her hand in marriage but I’d be surprised if she gave that so readily. Perhaps she will give him a commander position? Or land? After that Sept of Baelor blast there’s certainly plenty of roles that need filling in King’s Landing.
4. Ser Jorah and Sam get a week off
Sam’s been busy of late, what with his Dragonglass discovery and greyscale operation, so I could see him taking a backseat this episode.
Same goes for Jorah, who will likely be seen convalescing following his surgery but not doing much else. That said, maybe he’ll already be fighting fit – this season seems to be moving at such a hectic pace.
5. The Hound and co. make it to the Wall, trade visions with Bran
I’m not so sure about this one, but I could see it. The Brotherhood without Banners will presumably be racing to the Wall following The Hound’s unexpected fire vision, and who better to confirm their White Walker suspicions than Bran, who we are to believe is still with the Night’s Watch right now?
6. Arya returns to Winterfell, grows suspicious of Sansa
It feels convenient plot-wise that Arya arrive to Winterfell to find her brother out of office in Dragonstone, the big Stark reunion only being with Sansa initially.
Arya will need to be filled in on the White Walker threat and, although both she and Sansa are desperate to exact revenge on Cersei, they have very different personalities and I expect differing views on ruling. Hopefully Arya can talk some sense into her sister following her petulance in episodes 1 and 2.
7. Littlefinger creeps on Sansa
In spite of Jon’s warning, I think Baelish will still try and manipulate Sansa, possibly even having some success while the King is away.
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