Former model demands £196million gets £75million divorce settlement 


by Poza 

54-year-old former supermodel Christina Estrada took her Saudi billionaire ex-husband, allegedly worth $8 Billion, to court over the terms of her divorce and has been awarded £75million in one of Britain’s biggest ever divorce battles.
Marriage troubles surfaced after her ex husband/international businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali’s decision in 2012 to marry a 25-year-old Lebanese model, the mother of his two youngest children, while still married to Ms Estrada.When he divorced Christina in Saudi Arabia in 2014 under Islamic law without her knowledge, she took him to Court in London as she felt she had no case in Saudi Arabia.
Christina rejected his offer of £37million payout + assets and demanded £196million from him to meet her ‘reasonable needs’. Her demands were:
£55million for a new home
£1.02 million-a-year clothing budget
£335,558 staff including a butler, housekeeper, chauffer, nanny, two cleaners, a chef and an office manager
£100,000 to maintain her home
£100,000 for food and drink
£482,416 to rent a yacht for two weeks, £4,824 to tip the crew
£247,233 for a Paris holiday at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz, plus £74,230 for the nanny’s room
£103,000 for 12 nights in the south of France
£93,793 on beauty treatments
£58,000 for two luxury handbags
£23,000 for six casual handbags
£35,000 for ten clutch handbags
£26,000 for a mobile phone
£14,850 for three new suitcases a year
£39,000 for two watches every year
£9,400 for four bottles of face cream
£4,000 for fifteen pairs of sunglasses.
Ms Estrada was today awarded a £53million cash settlement at London’s High Court – with lawyers saying the payout is worth £75million when assets she has already been given are taken into account. Dr Juffali, who is terminally ill with cancer and undergoing treatment in Switzerland, could not attend court but was ordered to pay Ms Estrada her lump sum by 4pm on Friday July 29.  

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