First Hand Account of an Encounter with VIO Officials in Port Harcourt


On Wednesday, TouchPH published an article “Difficult times for Motorists in Port Harcourt, as FRSC and RIRS Begin Clamp Down of Offenders.” article intended to inform the public on the Road Safety and Traffic regulations that were being enforced in Port Harcourt. The article also meant to share the account of those who have encountered FRSC, RIRS or VIO Officials.
To further the later purpose, here is an account of the experience a TouchPH follower shared with us after reading the article.
“I have been in the hands of those ‘robbers’ posing as FRSC, NPF and VIO officials. Those guys make laws on the spot and force it down your throat.

​If you are driving a jeep, they immediately have a ‘hard on’ for you because they know you would ‘settle’ since you don’t want the embarrassment.

All my particulars, tyres [mine are 2012], extinguisher, were OK. After checking my spare tyre which was properly inflated, the man said my spare tyre has expired [The tire is 2012]. I told him that is not possible, tyres are supposed to be used for 4 years and this is still 2016. He started shouting, asking if I wanted to teach him his job. Hearing this, his colleagues came to back him up. Before I knew it, a fine of N25,000 was imposed on me out of the blues.
While all this was going on, another jeep that had the proper tint permit was being charged N40,000. According to the official, [quoting him verbatim] “the permit is fake” that he should “go to the police station to obtain the real one”.
Now, ‘the real one’ he was referring to is the one the police have not issued yet! I know because I applied since April and they haven’t sent me an email or SMS to come and capture. I went to the police headquarters at Moscow road last month to check the status of my tinted glass permit application and they told me I will be contacted. So what were the VIO Officials talking about?
Suffice it to say, they took me to VIO office at Marine Base where I was made to part with the aforementioned sum of money. Now, is this the way to collect revenue? Please you guys should paint the picture exactly as it is. If you drive in Port Harcourt and you come across those ‘thieves’ on the road, I bet you, they will leave a bad taste in your mouth too.”
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