PH City 8- Ball League: Lightening Marsh and the Dragon


Chief Marsh is probably always in a hurry to go home so he ends his games in record time and this has not happened just once at the PH City 8- Ball Pool League.
Everyone playing knows there is a prize for the fastest game but probably just Marsh has taken it to heart or maybe he lives so far away and has to beat curfew, but what do we know?
Marsh had a very interesting encounter with Razor on Tuesday, where Razor had the felt and the gods of pool on his side and went ahead to take the first leg 3:0 with the Big Balls, thereafter he made a hasty retreat to play the second leg at a later date.
Chief Marsh then went out in search of blood and slaughtered Baka 5:1 and Nengimo69 6:0 to end the night in GRAND STYLE. Did someone ask, why Grand style? It wasn’t really about the score line but his lightning speed in achieving the result.
He took the game in one minute and forty seconds.

Chief Marsh spoke on his record
“I think it has to do with style of play. It feels good to set a record and break it makes me feel like Usain Bolt. But for that, it depends on how you go about the game. You need to take your chances. I believe I took mine to enable me set a record and break it,” Marsh said
The dragon connection
Maybe it may not be out of place that Chief Marsh has been setting and breaking records because he just revealed that he was taught by the dragon himself.
“I cannot say I can win this league because there are lots of top players here. Star Boy, Pen Dragon, Steve and a few others. I was taught to play this game eighteen years ago by Pen Dragon. He is a every good player so when you have players like that, you cannot say for sure you are going to win the League,” Marsh said.
The excitement and surprises were unending yesterday as players started trooping in quite early and the games kept piling……
Steve jangled his games in his usual cool manner, ever ready to take opponents on, the ‘strong’ hands quietly squared themselves up and picked wisely…..
D’Archer showed amazing marksmanship against Razor while MarkTee made his debut but met an unfriendly and jealous felt…….the Zen Master is slowly making a comeback and players have taken on a very spiritual approach to the game………
The highlights of the day included Steve who broke the record for fastest game and brought it down to 2m 45 secs only for it to be decimated by Chief Marsh…….
The Pen Dragon found a tough opponent in TammyJiggy who lost his nerve when it mattered the most and failed like many before him to Slay the Dragon….
Without a doubt Chief Marsh was the player of the day and is certainly a top contender for the League’s Top Position…….
Total Games
Razor vs Tammy Jiggy
R=2  T=1
Chief vs Baka
C=2  B=1
Tammy Jiggy vs Baresi
B=3  T=0
Baka vs Baresi
B=0  BR=1
Chief vs Baresi
C=5  B=1
Chief vs Steve
C=1  S=2
Tammy Jiggy vs Steve
T=1  S=5
D Archer vs Willy woo
D=4  W=2
Steve vs Marker
S=3  M=0
D Archer vs Razor
D=1  R=2
Zen Master vs Nengimo69
Z=1  N=5
Pen Dragon vs Tammy Jiggy
P=2  T=1
Chief vs Razor
C=0  R=3
Chief vs Nengimo69
C=6  N=0

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