​Eto’o Marries Girlfriend, Georgette Tra Louerave


By Ayodele Olubuse (www.eraveng.com)
Samuel Eto’o has walked down the aisle with his long-term girlfriend, Georgette Tra Lou, at a fancy wedding ceremony held in Italy.
The star and his new bride who already had two children together exchanged vows in Stezzano, a trendy tourist centre in Italy.
Eto’o, who spent two seasons with Italian football club arrived at the venue in a vintage car and wore an elegant grey suit worthy of a top football legend.
His bride, Georgette, looked quite the part, as she showed off her gorgeous side in a white wedding gown.
The event was a centre of attention, as a lot of fans gathered to steal views of the glamour party.
Samuel Eto’o who enjoyed his most successful football career when he played for Spanish champions, Barcelona FC had former team mate at Barcelona, Carlos Puyol, at the wedding with his wife.

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