Emmanuella Nwosu is the Queen who wants more

PictureMost Prestigious Queen, Nigeria Top Model, Emmanuella Nwosu

Emmanuella Nwosu is the reigning Most Prestigious Queen, Top Model in Nigeria, but she is looking way beyond her current feat for more accolades.
On March 1, 2019 at the City Global Hotel in Owerri she was crowned but Miss Nwosu has told ChinaAcheru.com that she will not stop in her quest to be a top model and win more pageants.
She wants to win the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN gong and has set her heart to it.
Winning the Most Prestigious Queen, Top Model title in March was big for her because of previous failures that helped her improve.
“I had previously attended Miss Glamour but the outcome was very poor, still I did not give up,” Ella told ChinaAcheru.com.
“Then I tried out with Ada Ukwa in Abia State and finished as second runner up. I knew I would be going for the bigger ones soon so I did these to get training and move closer and closer to perfection.”
Being Most Prestigious Queen, Top Model
After trying out in two pageants, it was maybe time to go for a third.
“I got to know about the pageant through a friend of mine, then I went for it, but I must say the preparations were not easy,” Ella said.
“It was by the grace of God that I made it through. I really put my best in it and also asked God for help along the way.
“You know that during auditions a lot of things happen. I met different kinds of people there, I mean different kinds of girls. Then again, when the voting started it was not easy to be calm. There was so much tension in the air. Girls from different backgrounds staying in the same place will certainly cause some friction, but I knew I had to keep a straight head,” Ella told ChinaAcheru.com.
School, modelling and a regular job
Despite this little success story and her desire for more, Ella has kept a focus on what she wants out of herself in life.
“Schooling, modelling and getting a regular job are three of the most important things for me,” she said.
“I am already a graduate of Library and Information Science from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede in Owerri but I do not think I am done with school yet because I want to further my studies.
“I also want to continue with my modelling career, attend more pageants and then see how far it takes me.”
Family support
Unlike other stories, Emmanuella Nwosu’s was different. She had support from her family. Her mum was behind her all the way. Her siblings and cousins also stood by her.
“My mum has always supported me. She encouraged me when I got to know about the contest and told her about it. She was the one that bought the material I used for my gown and chose my cultural dress for me.
“As for my siblings? They prayed for me regularly and advised me on what to do.”
Nothing really changes
But she insists that nothing has changed about her and is still the same.
“I cannot just develop a proud and haughty spirit because I won a beauty pageant, no! I am still the same person I was before I won this.
“I do not have a boyfriend and I did not have people (men) running after me just because I won a pageant. It all remained the same for me.
“Or maybe, I did not notice if I had become in high demand because I never put my mind to it,” She added matter of factly.
Twenty three year old Emmanuella Ezinne Nwosu attended Arch Bishop Dimoji Nursery and Primary School in Enugu and then Queens Model Secondary School, still in Enugu.
As a primary school student, she was class monitor and in secondary school, she took part in track and field events

Emmanuella will be Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria someday. She says it and she believes it.
“I have the inspiration for it and I also believe I will go far in modelling,” she enthuses.

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