Dragon fire at 8- Ball pool League and Zen Master bends the knee

PictureDazed! Baka still can’t tell what hit him

Monday, February 11 was full of intrigues at the PHC 8- Ball Pool League as the Pen Dragon established his dominance and Zen Master bent his knee after taking a beating for the umpteenth time.
The cynosure of all eyes before Match Day 6 were no doubt, Baka, Star Boy and Razor, but the Pen Dragon had been there all the while setting the table on fire when he played and Monday was no different.
He (Dragon) was not in the mood for niceties as he dispatched Baresi 6-0 to take an early rest from proceedings.
Baka challenged the Pen Dragon in another game and went ahead 1-0 (yes that surprised even Baka himself) and then they took a recess. To be continued, that is one we should watch out for.
So much rust on the table
D’Archer and Impresario made their debut appearances in the league with D’Archer taking three games from right under the nose of Impresario…….these two players haven’t found their rhythm yet but they are to watched out for in the tournament……there were some dazzling shots and moments of wizardry during their first leg meet with Big Balls.
There were also moments where it seemed they had never held a Cue Stick all their lives but isn’t that what rust does to you? Obviously they had been out of the game for long.
Record breaking Marsh
For a while, the announcement was made across the table that there would be a prize for the fastest game and the record stood at 3m 12 seconds. It seemed no one was interested in lowering that time until Chief March came to town.
Marsh walked majestically into the hall, Cue Sticks on both sides as though about to engage in an old western gun draw.
He took out Davidaloca 3-0 but not satisfied with his timing, went for the jugular of Baka.
Before the hall settled to enjoy the game, Baka was out 3-0. Guess what? It took the Chief just 2 minutes and 55 seconds.
It was the debut appearance of Chief Marsh in the League and he did it with style, slicing through his opponents easily with excellent ball control and showmanship.

Who can tame the dragon?
Pen Dragon seems the most feared player yet at the League, but maybe there might just be one, meaner and tougher than he is.
Stevo Daminsky walked into the hall on Monday, looking like an assassin about to take out a high level target. He left no expression on his face and his eyes did not reveal the intent of his heart. He stayed focused on his immediate assignment which was to destroy any opponent at arm’s length. He certainly meant business.  Sadly enough, his opponent on the day, Forte was yet to shake off the lethargy of his previous losses and was no match for Daminsky.
It ended 6-0 and Daminsky without showing emotions got up and left, but not before shaking hands with a few friends who he didn’t see or realise their existence close to him while the game was on.
Savimbi destroyed Western 5-1 while Steve beat Soblo 3-0.

Savimbi had enough time to accept a challenge from the Zen Master and finally forced him to bend the knee. He took out the Zen 6-0.
Zsi Hughes beat Baresi 2-1
Monday, generally was an amazing day with an array of players ready to take each other on. It was a bad day for some and a record breaking/setting day for others.
The League continues at the Engine Room, V10 Lounge, 26 King Perekule Street, G.R.A. phase II, Port Harcourt

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