Diary of a junkie: Taking a break to write exams


By Garnet
Until you’re told you can’t, all you need do is your best…for the same ones who think your effort maybe isn’t good enough.
Once you start believing in yourself, the sky becomes your take-off point. Nothing can stop you at this point.
The weekend came to an end…finally. After lots of activities and different memories stubbornly etched to our memories for well, a considerable amount of time.
It was time to get back to my life, my studies and speaking of which, exams were around the corner.
My bags were packed and I was good to go.
But, first I joined Stephen in the sitting room for ‘brunch’. It was 12:30pm and we woke up quite late.
The previous day, when we got back from his mom’s place, I made egusi and okra soup, cooked stew, dished them out in plates and refrigerated them.
It was a meal of rice and stew, and from the spark in Steve’s eyes, I knew I did a good job. We ate and talked about life in general. Each of us avoiding the fact that my holiday had come to an end.
“Steve, I start exams next week.”
“OK, cool. You’re brainy, I trust you to do me proud. I usually take a sabbatical leave of 1-2 months from smoking. For your exams, I’ll start now so I can help you concentrate. Now, eat up. We have to get you to school in time to get some rest before tomorrow.”
Silently, I sent a prayer to heaven thanking God for smiling down on me. I won’t only be a boss, I’ll be a boss that knows how to define my priorities. That’s more than most get.
The road was devoid of traffic. So much so that it took less than 15mins to get me to school from Stephen’s house.
“Baby girl, I hate to go, but I have to. I left you a little something to see you through the week. I’ll call you so much you wouldn’t even feel my absence, alright?”
I smiled, leaned in and gave him a kiss on his stubby cheeks.
Before I got out of the door, I gave his hand a squeeze and focused his eyes on mine. In that single glance, I told him everything that didn’t make it from my throat alive.
The little something to get me through was a bulky envelope. I settled in and said a silent prayer of heartfelt gratitude to God.
True to his words, Stephen called me so much it felt like he wasn’t at least 4 miles away from me.
Soon, it was the week for exams! Believe it or not, I was prepared. I had all the support I needed and was void of worries.
The only thing I was expected to do was come out in flying colors, and in flying colors I excelled…
Stephen was there for me through it all. He shoved all forms of distractions to the back of my head.
Life is messy. Every now and then, we need a little shove in the right direction. All we need is for the right person to apply the right amount of pressure, and everything works together for good.
It’s good to remember that we’re not alone in the world. It’s best to surround ourselves with strangers that turned to friends, and friends that somehow turn to family.

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