Diary of a junkie: Maybe it’s time I stop smoking weed


By Garnet

Life consists of two days…one for you, and one against you. When it’s for you, make the most of it. When it’s against you, learn your lesson, pick up the pieces and move on.

We had narrowly escaped the snares of jail, and one would think we’ll have the brains to step on the brakes for at least a little while, but we felt as though we could trample on the world and don’t away with anything.

Or wait, they felt like they could trample in the world and do away with anything. I was just an innocent victim who was yet to find her voice…or so I thought.

The ride back to Stephen’s place that night was a quiet one. There were no arguments, or sharp retorts now and again. Everyone wore this sullen look, and for a brief second I wondered why.

I mean we were almost arrested, but by stroke of pure luck, we were on our way to warm beds, that’s supposed to put our hyperactive selves on overdrive.

Well, who am I? For one, I was enjoying the quiet, so…

Stephen brought the car to a stop, and we all came down and went inside.

Light bulb!

Abeg, Stephen way the lush?

Oga Steve, hope say liquor day this house? If not enter motor go buy come we day wait you.

I was taken aback. So, what happened on the drive home? Where they feeling remorseful they were pulled over, or? And if so, what happened the second we stepped inside the house? These guys I thought to myself. Well, good thing they were back. The rest of the night would pass in glory. Yay!

“Imagine those policemen o, See me way never see cell before? Chai!” That was Collins.

While they busy going on about the events of the evening, from the small fracas at Blinks, to the encounter with the policemen, I went into the kitchen to rustle up something.

I knew with smoking comes hunger. And these guys wouldn’t mind sending me to the kitchen irrespective of the time. The only thing there was to cook at that time without stress was spaghetti. I boiled two packs, microwaved the stew and joined the guys in the sitting room.

To make the night more calming, they were watching wrestling. What better way to relax in the evening… Who among you is a wrestling fanatic I was about to ask when my eyes caught what was before me.

What in God’s name was going on here? Where these guys on a suicide mission? If yes, I wasn’t about to join that ride. The incident from the club just replayed before my eyes. No. No. No. I’ll take a rain check on this one.

My dismay must have shown on my face cause Brown looked at me and broke out laughing.

“Yes o. You try. Laugh me well. If you want to kill yourself, go right ahead, but leave me out of it.”

“Calm down jor. It’s just paper and grass. Stop getting yourself worked up. Steve, you never tell her say I day always get my way?”

“Not this time bro. Leave her alone. She’ll do what her strength can carry. Come sit by me babe.”

The grip on my wrist was enough to make them wobbly. “Christ! Brown, let me go” I cried.

“To where? Sit here jor. You’ll be fine. After all, we all have our stash, and bottles. Why you acting like an overgrown baby? Besides, we’re indoors. If you get tired you could always go sleep.”

I could see that there was no point arguing with him. His resolve was final, and there was nothing anyone could do or say about it.

Crap! When was I going to build this weak will power of mine? Or at least learn to say NO with finality?

Well, I’ll figure out that answer later.

I took my seat beside Brown, and noticed Stephen had also come to sit close to us. So much so that I was in between the two of them. I felt a lot better, and relaxed.

Each of us had about 50 rolls, our very own lighter and ashtray, and bottles of royal challenge.

Knock out night!

Funky and Collins had been unusually quiet. Saying not more than two or three words at a time, but they were generally OK you could see.

We were all enjoying the wrestling match, and fighting alongside. Slowly, the two guys; Collins and Funky joined the pack, and the noise could pull-down Stephen”s roof, but who cares?

I didn’t check the time, but after the events of the night, we got home at about 2:00 or 2:15am. So how come it’s still 3:15am? Did anyone pause time, or? Whatever.

The game was still on, but we had lost interest. There was this movie Stephen got a while back we were yet to see, Lone survivor.

Collins had brought it out earlier, he just stood up and slotted it in.

It was an action packed movie, and it was very interesting. Few minutes into the action, we were acting alongside the actors, trying to guess the next scene before it unfolds, and of course failing miserably, but who cares? We were having the time of our lives.

One glance down, I noticed that I had burnt more than 20 rolls of paper and grass according to Brown, and my bottle was way below half.

“Did you share this things with me?” I was forced to ask Stephen.

Before he could answer, Brown broke out in serious laughter.

“Few hours ago, you were acting like you were being punished. Now, who follow you finish am? Na so una go day form”. We all laughed at his joke and cast our gazes back to the movie.

“You guys hungry?” I asked after
noticing Collins dozing on the other end of the room.


We continued to see the movie, and it was getting even more interesting. Shooting! Bombing!

The sound of guns and bombs, and blades of planes. The flash, and rise of dust. I felt like I was acting the movie with them. I wasn’t feeling too good. The earlier I found a bed, the better. I made to Steve when Brown brought me back down.

Oh Christ! Who was this dude? I cast a pleading look to Steve, and he pulled me close to himself when I opened the flood gates of heaven. Or should I say hell…?

Before my head touched Steve”s shoulder, I had puked all over.

My head was heavy, but I distinctly remember thinking that I had puked on Brown.
Shit! What have I done? Like a flash, Stephen was up and I was in his arms. He took me to his room, stripped me, and left me in the bath.

The cold drops beat my back and sent shivers down my spine, but it was just what I needed.

“Stay there while I clean up the sitting room.”

I opened my mouth to say something but no words were coming out.

I just sat there and enjoyed the cold water. I made to stand, but remained where I was.

My head was hurting. It felt like I was carrying Stephen’s house.

He was back. Wrapped me in my towel, and carried me to the room.

“how you feeling?”

Brown? What was he doing here?

“Collins, where”s the garri?”

Collins? I thought he was sleeping already?

I shut my eyes tight. I wasn’t ready for that pity party. Besides, even if I tried to open the eyes, I’ll not be able to. The migraine was in control of my whole face, and it wasn’t funny at all.

Someone was spoon feeding me a very tasteless smoked garri, but I couldn’t complain in that state.

I have no idea how long it took, but silence.

I opened my eyes to steal a peek and found I was alone. Finally!

I tried to sleep, but sleep wasn’t forthcoming.

Tears. Where were they coming from? Oh God, not tonight. I already have so much to deal with.

For how long will I continue to embarrass Stephen I thought to myself. He’s been nothing but a nice guy, and I’ve been a complete headache. I was tossing and turning, trying to sleep through the pain and tears, trying to shut the voices of regrets going on and on in my mind.

I knew I had to change. I really had to put a stop to this madness. I was loosing my way gradually, and I doubt that I could find my way back. That was what I was thinking of when sleep claimed me.

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

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  1. This was a very interesting story. You really need to stop attending to your bad vices. Sometimes, everything that we take without limit can cause us problems in the future. We should restrict ourselves with our wants. Discipline is needed, in order to maintain a healthier body and mind.

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